HedoVibes Review RoundUp #76

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Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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From the Floor: Alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey

Believe you me, the sex toy industry and everyone near it are girding their loins for the “second coming of 50 Shades” with the Valentine’s release of the  movie. Lord help us. Whether we like or not, 50 Shades has brought people through the doors of sex shops.

But what do they say once they’re inside?

I know that many people would like some alternatives. It’s not that the book didn’t stir up something for many readers, it’s that their experience is always punctuated with a “but.” Like, it turned me on, but…I couldn’t get into it because I couldn’t relate to the plot or characters for the life of me. It resonated but lacked a certain, integral quality.

Some site the writing as being generally poor, or that there wasn’t enough explicit sex, or that they couldn’t identify with any of the characters. For others, it feels that the books were wholly inaccurate portrayals of nothing more than a BDSM aesthetic at best.

I’m not going to tell you to not read it, but I am going to offer you other suggestions for some kinky smut and sexy know-how.  Here are some alternatives:


50 Shades of Dylan Ryan

  • For those hungry for more explicit, intense sex scenes


Directed by Madison Young, this porn film isn’t so much of a retelling of 50 Shades as it is about the discussion we all can’t seem to stop having. It’s basically designed as an alternative to the book. Dylan Ryan, a young articulate feminist, hates the book, but when caught in argument with the author, Ms. Grey (Sadie Lune) she can’t help but make a bet: that her authentic experiences from submitting to Ms. Grey will gain more attention than the website dedicated to the inauthentic book. This porno explores quite a bit, is fucking hot, and won the Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Kink Film in 2013.

Watch it over at Hot Movies for Her.

Alison Tyler: Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment, Wrapped Around Your Finger

  • For the book slut who craves quality writing and engaging characters 


A similar scenario to 50 Shades, kind of, this trilogy from Alison Tyler completely captivated me from page one. Reading Alison Tyler’s writing is like drinking a smooth glass of bourbon.  It’s rich and down-to-earth. The main character, Sam, is more fleshed out and relatable,  perhaps because these books are based on Alison Tyler’s real life experiences. Throughout the series. the story remains intricately crafted, twisted,  and genuine.

From My Review of The Delicious Torment:

The characters in The Delicious Torment hit my smutty sweet spot. By that, I mean it’s like I know them, but they are also me.

It doesn’t get better than that in reading smut. With The Delicious Torment, I get the intrigue of distance that comes from an enchanting encounter with a stranger, but the carnal proximity of “me,” that what’s unfolding in the narrative is also happening to me and happening along my body.

Available here.

The Big Book of Submission: 

  • For readers who look for variety above all else

Big.Book.SubmissionThis anthology was on my Best of 2014 list for it’s diversity and wide scope. What makes The Big Book of Submission a great read is the variety: variety in tone, in characters’ gender, gender expression and sexual orientation/arrangements, in length of the individual stories.

I love the pace this variety creates. It can be quick and dirty or long and deeply sensual. Often visceral, The Big Book of Submission offers readers more: more quality, more authenticity, more fantasies to chose from. It’s quite a little chunk, and makes for a great bedside companion.

Available here.


The Ultimate Guide to Kink

  • For the sex geek  that wants more practical, accurate, and reliable advice


I recommended The Ultimate Guide to Kink as one of my top picks for those interested in practical or scholarly studies of BDSM. This is what I had to say about it:

The Ultimate Guide to Kink radically and quickly changed my life. It’s not as if I was unconscious of my scholastic interest in kink or my own desires and pleasures, but that I didn’t know where to start. Good thing I picked up this book. As a text, it combines the voices of some of the top-notch practitioners. While it’s great for beginners, as it lays out clearly and accessibly the fundamentals and history of kinky practices, it offers a variety of topics that are critically engaging and easily put into practice. It is by no means a homogenous collection, in that there are varying opinions about many concepts, which I find comforting in any collection of essays. The Ultimate Guide to Kink offers its readers plenty of practices and frameworks to explore and find out what resonates. At the same time, it has useful advice on the practical issues of safety, consent, negotiation, and how-to.

Available here.

Tristan Taromino’s Rough Sex Series

  • For the visual learner who wants equal parts hot explicit sex and fantasies driven by women


Tristan Taormino always does a remarkable job of bringing out and capturing the fantasies of performers. Rough Sex is one of my favorite porn series. Each  film occurs in different sequences  in which a fantasy created and imagined by one of the female performers is carried out.

Unlike the book series in question, these performers are engaged in carrying out their fantasies and each scene centers around their pleasure.

Watch it over at Good Vibrations After Dark VOD.




HedoVibes Review & Giveaway RoundUp #75

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Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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500 Followers Giveaway: Tantus Flurry & Cush

All right, kittens, it’s that time: I’m giving something away once I’ve reached 500 Twitter followers. And just what is that something? A Tantus Flurry & Cush, of course! The Flurry was the first dildo to really spoil my vag good, and Its girthy kissing cousin the Cush is perhaps even better. I couldn’t  pick just one to put on my Best of 2014 list and I can’t pick one now. They just go together, and I want to give back to all you lovely people who read and support Peep’s Scoop. I’m also throwing in a bottle of Sliquid Silk.

Ain’t dildo life grand?



From My Review of the Flurry:

“Wrangling the Flurry O2 from its package, I knew from the moment I squeezed its squishy firmness in my hand, that this was the day—-the day that could possibly transform  my vagina into Veruca Salt, or Augustus Gloop, a spoiled brat who demands the best and always wants more of it.

And indeed, my vagina has been wrecked by gluttony. In fact, my biggest problem is that it’s hard to put it down. My G-Spot figuratively whimpers whenever I try to put it back in its drawer.”

From My Review of the Cush:

I must say that one of the ways I measure a toy’s effectiveness is by the sounds I involuntarily utter when I am about to come. With the Cush I have to make sound.  I whimper, I swear, I make high pitched noises no one needs to really hear and exhale on “Fuck.” It’s good, you guys.

There are also plenty of ways to score extra entries!

This giveaway will go on until I reach 500 followers. If chosen as the winner you will have 48 hours to respond to my email before another winner is chosen. You will have to provide me with your address, as I will be the one shipping them to you. Winners will be chosen at random and announced in an update to this post, on Twitter, and via email.

Thanks in advance, and good luck!

500 Hundred Follwers Giveaway


Review: Pleasure Works Sidekick (1)


Goddess Bless the Pleasure Works Sidekick. I was beginning to lose faith in the idea that I would ever find the right plug for me. When it came to the plugs I owned, they seemed to jump from 1″ or less to 1.5″ and over. While that jump might be a breeze for my vag, my butt is an entirely different matter. Those seemingly minuscule fractions of inches make all the difference between my comfort and my “yeah , no, this is not gonna work.”

For me? The Sidekick is the perfect size and shape. It’s fairly weighty, but it doesn’t overwhelm me. It’s slightly challenging initially, I warm up a bit before hand, but after that it’s a breeze.  I haven’t found any real pitfalls to the Sidekick as a plug: it stays in (ahem, I’m looking at you Buddy), it’s not too big or small, and I like that its curve makes it easier to insert and more comfortable to wear. If you have a prostate,  I’d take notice .

FullSizeRender (11)

I feel the greatest stretch towards the opening, as the Sidekick is widest just above the base at 1.37″ inches. It’s right on the threshold of just enough and too much, and I really like the sensation of rocking the plug while using a external vibrator on my clitoris.

It’s completely body-safe silicone and is easily sterilizable to share among partners. It does seem to attract some lint. It’s more firm than squishy, and not very flexible.  The Sidekick also comes in two sizes: they are both the same girth wise, but the Sidekick 2 is half an inch longer.

The Pleasure Works Sidekick restored my hope. Its butt-safe flared base fits close to my body without squinching up under my cheeks. It’s the right combination of gentle girth and weightiness. It’s non-toxic, phthalate free, and inexpensive.


The Sidekick: In Review:

-Moderate size: 4″ or 4 .5″ Length, 1.37″ Diameter

-Body Safe, Easily Sterilizable 100% Silicone

-Inexpensive: $22/$24

-Good for the slightly experienced beginner, not so good for folks who are looking for larger plugs

-Butt-safe flared base doesn’t take up to much room

-Water-Based Lube recommended, Please Gel is my pick for plugs

Overall: it should probably be in your toybox. Get the Pleasure Works Sidekick and look at all the treats offered at Good Vibrations here.

Good Vibrations sent me the Pleasure Works Sidekick (1) in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate Links are used throughout. Thanks Good Vibes!

Welcome Filthy Dirty: My Newest Affiliate

Curated is one of my favorite words, especially when it ‘s used to describe sex toys. Curated. It implies a thoughtful, educated selection. My newest affiliate Filthy Dirty uses the word curated to describe a number of selections on their site.

Filthy Dirty offers only non-toxic toys, many of which are beloved by sex toy reviewers: the LELO Ella &  Mona; the We-Vibe Touch (one of my best sex toys of 2014) & Tango Pleasure Mate Collection; the Je Joue Uma & G-Kii. The site also sports many added features. My favorite is the guest curated collections where you can find out what therapists, writers, and practitioners recommend from their selection. There are additional pages to help you pick out your first toy and find some helpful tips and advice. I’m happy to have them as the newest affiliate at Peep’s Scoop.

Check them out: here.


How I Talk to My Customers About Toxic Toys

Dangerous Lilly posted a call to action, and I wanted to respond in the comments, but I just kept on writing and decided to post it here. I won’t go into the details of what makes some toys toxic, for further information see my resources page or hop on over to Dangerous Lilly’s blog which has numerous excellent articles on the matter.

A lot of companies seem to be under the impression that educating customers on the dangers of toxic toys will cost them sales. When I say “companies,” however, I’m referring to people who have corporate level positions and rarely know what it’s like on the actual floor. Telling customers about the risks of phthalates and material safety has not, on the whole, cost me sales.

I’m writing this post  to demonstrate how I talk to my customers about toxic toys and also how I, as a trainer, teach new hires to talk to folks about toxic toys. I’m lucky enough to work for a company who tries to keep toxic toys off the floor although some slip under the radar.

But first of all, I want to point something out. A lot of people wonder why clerks wouldn’t educate clients on toy materials safety. Most companies do not pay their workers a living wage as clerks, let alone as educators. Though I don’t think it’s acceptable, I do understand that it is degrading to not be paid fairly for your labor and that for many, educating customers is just another task they must perform for no pay. I firmly believe that education and fair living wages only increase sales, morale, and customer service. However, if we do not recognize the economic exploitation at play when it comes to most sex toy clerks and educators we are missing a valuable piece of the puzzle. I do not consider companies that do not pay their workers a living wage to be sex-positive. Period.

In addition, rarely do companies go out of their way to actually train their employees on these matters. Luckily for me, I get to do this for my job.

Now, how exactly do I talk to customers about toxic toys and material safety?

Step One: Ask a question and allow myself to be invited in.

“THIS SEX TOY COULD KILL YOU” is not a way to talk to a customer about risk and safety. I refuse to use fear and shame to sell toys on my floor, and even though risks are high, I do not scare my customers into buying anything.  I use a gentle, easy voice, but make sure that they have accurate, reliable information.

When I see a customer holding a questionable or known toxic toy, I ask a question like “May I make a suggestion?” Or “May I talk to you about this?”

No one has ever said no, but it’s important for me to get consent and be invited into their private discussions first and foremost.

Step Two: Use short, easily digestible phrases to convey any risks associated with the toy.

I tell the customer something short and quick like: “This toy emits a very harsh smell which usually indicates some type of plasticizer has been used. This can have some risks such as burning, itching, and more serious consequences. You can cover the toy with a condom or we can get you something else.” Or if it’s porous toy I say something like “This toy will always hold on to bacteria, here let me show you some materials that won’t do that.”

I do this for two reasons: I work in a very large and highly trafficked store and I need to be available to all my customers. I unfortunately cannot spend an hour lecturing on the history and science of toy materials. Believe me, if I could I would every time. Secondly, I don’t want them to get lost in the language and become terrified that everything on the floor is trying to hurt them. It’s hard enough for some people to make it into the store. I want to be approachable and non-judgemental, relaying information easily and quickly makes the task at hand seem less daunting.

If the customer seems comfortable, I let them smell it or show them where liquid is forming on the toy. I do not want to embarrass my customer, I want to meet them where they are.

There will always be people who think I’m trying to upsell them or get them to buy something more expensive. Sometimes we have Tantus toys on sale and I point them towards those or glass pieces which are sometimes lower in price point. It is difficult because there aren’t many things for the same price, I would rather have them leave and come back than to leave unknowingly with a toxic toy. They almost always come back.

Step Three: Let dildo Jesus take the wheel.

I can’t make people’s decisions for them, though sometimes I really wish I could. I’m there to provide the information they need to make empowered choices. Usually, if not about 90% of the time, people are extremely grateful for me talking to them. They thank me more than once, and email or tell my bosses about the extraordinary customer care they received.

It’s a best practice. Being honest and educating customers of risk actually creates positive experiences for customers because the customer care is actually caring. It’s high time more companies realized this.

HedoVibes Round Up #74

LELO_Etherea_Cuffs_Blk-6Photo courtesy of Cara Sutra

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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Debunking the Myth of the Tight Pussy: Affirmations for Your Vag


Anxiety about the tightness of one’s pussy is a common issue I see people struggling with on the floor of a sex shop. Fear that one’s vagina isn’t “tight enough” or  that large toys will render their vagina “loose” are common concerns many folks face when picking out toys.  Customers and dildo wranglers alike ask me questions like: Won’t that big toy make you loose? Is this big toy only for people with “loose vaginas”?  If you aren’t able to keep kegel balls inside the body isn’t that a bad sign?


But these anxieties are the product of misinformation and patriarchal, heterocentric myths. And it’s time to put an end to this misguided thinking.

The myth of the tight pussy is this: Some vaginas are “tight.” Penises want “tight pussies.” You get a tight pussy from having a limited number of penetrative encounters. If a pussy isn’t tight, penises don’t receive real pleasure. A “tight” pussy, however, can be made “loose” by one tiny slip-up with an unreasonably large dick. “Loose” pussies are dirty, out-of-control, and worthy of disgust.

The myth of the tight pussy functions socially to control women’s  sexuality and contain it within certain parameters. ( I recognize that not all vagina-havers are women, and that not all women have a vagina. Here I’m outlining how this myth functions socially. Women in this case refers to an assigned social category). The myth of the tight pussy sustains phallocentrism—the belief that our collective sexual world, both real and imagined, should revolve around the penis (really the idea of the penis, as it usually contradicts most people’s lived experience of having one).  And this myth can keep a lot of vagina-havers from experimenting with size and girth for fear of making it “loose.” And like most social constructs aimed at containing women’s sexuality, it’s coupled with a contradictory concept.

A Portrait of How I Got the Tantus T-Rex Safely Inside Me

Because the myth of the tight pussy and the imagined threshold to looseness are contradicted by another cultural and social myth about the large and mighty phallus. The always-on-point Sexational wrote a superb guide that deconstructs the ways in which our culture privileges the large phallus. It’s perceived that everyone would want a big dick, but those who actively seek out big dicks are then in turn perceived as being “loose.” This myth of the mighty phallus translates into the assumption that one wants or needs a big toy. But, then again,  the myth of the tight pussy suggests that if you do use big dicks the idea is that they will make you “loose.”

And round and round it goes.

No wonder there’s so much anxiety about this! I’m here to calm your fears. It’s time we ended the madness of the tight pussy ideal. So I wrote some affirmations for your vag, whether you’re thinking about experimenting with larger toys, keep hearing about these “kegels,” or just want to explore the parameters of your own pleasure and sexuality


Affirmation #1. The size of the toys I use or want to use does not necessarily *mean* anything.

The vagina is elastic. Most people know this, however, most people think of this elastic as the band in a cheap pair of packaged cotton underwear. That it has some mythological “point of no return” and it might be wrecked and ruined forever if you overstep the magical threshold to looseness. But your vag’s elasticity is not the same kind that holds up a 6-pack of Hanes Bikini Briefs. It’s a powerful and intricate web of muscles and tissue that has the remarkable ability to stretch and take in things that are quite large by working together to make room for them.

When a pussy is aroused the outer labia responsively spread, the uterus elevates (no seriously, how cool is that, though), and the vaginal canal enlongates. Every body is different, and some folks may find that more or less stimulation is needed for any one of these things to happen. The length of the canal itself varies greatly, and some people need shorter toys to prevent cervix collisions (I’m one of those people). Some PC muscles are tense and will need more slender toys and lots of warm up to accommodate heftier girth.

These are just simple truths. Wanting or needing smaller or bigger toys does not mean anything about you as a human.

As a culture we imbue body parts with certain values, attaching qualities and meanings to things that very well shouldn’t have them. This can leave us questioning the overall or general worth of our bodies. We end up comparing our own front holes to an idealistic “tight” pussy that doesn’t exist. All vaginas are different, and all PC muscles vary in their responsiveness and strength. Everyone has PC muscles, not just vagina-havers.  Most importantly, it doesn’t mean anything about you or your inherent dignity and worth.

You are worthy, your vag is worthy.

Affirmation #2. I prioritize my own authentic pleasure, when it comes to toy size and Kegel exercises.

The myth of the tight pussy decentralizes pussy pleasure, and focuses the attention on the penis (which within the myth is always present). I encourage you to affirm and validate your own pleasure. When it comes to picking out the toy that is right for you, you are the expert on your body. Your toy,  your body, your pleasure comes first.

I’ve seen and heard of retailers using the myth of the tight pussy to sell kegel devices. Kegel exercises and devices  are about having strong and reactive PC muscles, not a tight pussy. There are a lot of reasons to pick up some kegel beads ( I recommend ones attached together with a harness and retrival chord like the Je Joue Ami or LELO Luna Beads). Having strong PC muscles can lead to more palpable contractions during orgasm, and can add extra help when wanting to learn to ejaculate.

When thinking about whether or not to do kegels or get a kegel exerciser, prioritize the benefits to your own pleasure.

Kegels are great, but let’s separate them from a set of ideals that devalues our own authentic pleasure.

Affirmation #3. My vagina/front-hole is remarkably capable of stretching and taking. It is extraordinary and powerful.

I had a really positive experience with a very large toy. It took a lot of warm up, near 40 minutes, but when my body began to stretch as I pushed the toy inside of me, I felt extremely powerful. There was something about the intensity of the fullness that made me think of how incredible bodies are. The toy put so much pressure on my G-Spot that pleasure washed over my entire body. I felt transcendent, yet simultaneously sinking into my vagina’s own power.  I was tapping into this strength that I know I have, despite the fact that language provides little to describe it.

Wanting to play with size doesn’t mean that you have a loose vagina. There is pleasure to be had in being stretched, in feeling completely full. And while you could hurt yourself without proper lube and slow, gentle warm up, it will not make you loose. Your muscles become more flexible over time allowing for an easier time using big toys, but overall you will not lose your elasticity. If you’re not getting enough ooomph from the toy that you’re using, it means nothing more than maybe sizing up next time.

You are not your vag.

My main advise is this: Be gentle with yourself. Find ways to disconnect the “tight pussy” from you sexual goals. Focus on exploration, discovery, and self-knowledge, these things are far more valuable than a myth designed to contain and subordinate your sexuality.


Review: Bad Dragon Nox the Night Drake



Bad Dragon’s dildos caught my eye a while back, so I was really excited when the opportunity to review one presented itself. In addition to owning quite a few myself, I stare at sex toys all day and there’s no shortage of monotony. Bad Dragon’s fantasy designs definitely shake things up in their customizable, anthropomorphic sex toys .

Nox the Night Drake is my first toy from Bad Dragon, who sent me a medium Nox with medium firmness in exchange for my honest review.  It arrived discretely with no indicators on the package that there was a fairly large, mythological dick resting inside. Nox was nestled in a plastic bag with the Bad Dragon logo on it. I immediately noticed Nox’s swirly, pearly sheen, which looked polished and high-quality.  I went with Nox’s original coloring of shimmery pinks and purples (the Night Drake, in the customizing drop-down menu). If you’re not a fan, you can get Nox in pretty much any color imaginable, but I was impressed with the way the toy-exclusive colors turned out.

My Nox is a medium in size which is actually quite big. The head is a moderate 1.75″ but its girth escalates hella quickly, as the shaft is hunch-backed at 2.1″ in diameter. I generally don’t use all of it’s 7″ of insertable length. Bad Dragon does not accept returns, so think long and hard about the size and firmness before buying. I know the struggle of having a bigger eye than vagina but really be honest with yourself. If you don’t have other toys to warm up with this medium isn’t likely going inside you any time soon. Luckily, the small is a bit more reasonable for a lot of folks at 1.5″ diameter at the head and 1.8″ at the first hump.


But enough about sizing, how does Nox feel?

The short answer: pretty awesome. A curved, flat head is a beloved G-Spotting shape among sex toy reviewers, and this toy intensifies it with a pointed glans and jagged choronal ridge. Until the T-Rex arrived for me, Nox was the largest toy in my collection. It requires lots of warm-up, but when the time is right Nox stretches me and pushes really fully against my G-Spot. It’s a hunchback, and I do not use more than the first hump inside me. I’m stretched the most at the vaginal entrance and I do usually have to pause, breathe, and let my body adapt.

When it comes to the squish of my Nox the Night Drake,  I recommend sizing up with squish (squish makes it easier to take a heftier girth) and sizing down with firmness, as a general rule of thumb. Texture is more discernable on firm toys, but squish can be a delightful thing all on its own.

The medium-density silicone has both pros and cons. A pro is that it makes it a bit easier to get the Nox inside of me, and tends to be less overwhelming than more unforgiving firm silicone. A con is that most of the texture that I really wanted to feel is pretty lost in the softness.  If you want to feel every dot, indentation, and speck of texture I would go with their firmest silicone.


My biggest problem is the size of the base. I can barely get my hand around a corner of it, and in the middle of thrusting it can feel as though it is slipping out of my grasp.  Having to warm up a lot before using Nox, my arms are usually already fairly tired before I get there. That being said, the added weight of the base down help it tilt back and find my G-Spot.  Placing the base so that it touches the bed, and grasping above the base to thrust generally works out a little better. The base makes it easier to ride rather than thrust with.

Once I get my hands and arms properly situated and can  thrust, I really enjoy Nox’s combination of girth, moderate texture, and squish. Nox is a quality toy whose unique design, stunning look, and pleasurable shape make it a great choice in a dildo.

Check out all the options and create your own Nox the Night Drake here. Take your time, and choose wisely. Note that Bad Dragon toys have optional suction cup bases and cum-tubes. I also recommend taking a look at their adoptions page for deals on unwanted or slightly wonky toys.

Thanks, Bad Dragon for sending me Nox in exchange for my honest review!