Mar 022015

I’m a porn nerd, people.

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I wanted the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat because the fetish loops and films of Irvine Klaw are still some of my favorites to watch and write about. Particularly, are his “catfight” films which usually involve a roommate getting mad very suddenly and tying a lady up then spanking her in a ridiculously performative way. In my favorite, a very bratty woman keeps interrupting a game of chess. The chess-players, who are inexplicably wearing lingerie, first tie her up with her arms and legs behind her back, but she scoots over and knocks the table over, so they re-bind her in a different way, and she finds another way to disrupt the game and a pattern develops. These images set my interest in all things bratty in motion.

When I found out about the Bettie Page line from Lovehoney, I fell in love with this imaged paddle. It’s playful and fun and calls to mind all those bratty loops and films. Word on the street was that it might be too tame, but I didn’t care. And I’m glad I didn’t. I quite like this paddle for everyday use.

The Spanking Bat has two sides. The side with the picture is smooth and has a nice bite to it. It’s the primary side my partner and I use. There is also a quilted side, where the faux leather is much more plush. In the manual, beginners are encouraged to use the quilted side when starting out and I agree. The impact is much more muted and broad.

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I rarely mention packaging in my reviews, but I feel compelled to with this particular toy. It really presents the paddle to you, with a collage of images inside and added memorabilia. It looks like a treat to be enjoyed and played with. I appreciate this, as sometimes the marketing of BDSM toys is dark and serious and broody. The Bettie Page line is conversely light with a hint of mischief.

After ooohing and ahhing over the packaging, the paddle itself was put into immediate use. It managed to capture both my partner and I’s imaginations, as aesthetically, this paddle is on point. It’s sleek, light weight, and appears very gentle. When put to the test, it delivers a bit more of bite than I expected, but isn’t overbearing.

My partner had been wanting a paddle for every day, prolonged use. Our usual go-tos are great but I cannot take them for as long he’d like and as hard as he’d like. We needed something lighter, but not boring.

I’d say that we made the right choice. The smooth side works well for long spanking, and the quilted side is great for taking it down a notch before reverting back. Also, butts tend to get itchy when spanked for a while, rubbing with the smooth side eases this. All these features make it great for sporadic, anytime play.

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While it’s not going to be enough for those looking for intense, heavy impact, the Bettie Page Spanking Bat is great for those starting out or in a similar situation of wanting something that is easy to take and use.

The only con I see with this paddle is that it is a bit expensive. This is largely, I assume, due to copyright stuff. If you’re looking for a quality, beginner-friendly, playful paddle, I’d say it’s worth it, if you really like the image and/or Bettie Page. If the image doesn’t speak to you or you want something heavier, I’d say it isn’t for you.

I was actually really impressed with the bite the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat can deliver. I’m glad it’s in my kinky collection.

Get one from Good Vibes.

Good Vibrations sent me this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are used throughout. Good Vibes is one of the leading seasoned, trusted woman-centered and education-based sex toys shops out there. They have a great selection, excellent customer service, and tons of helpful guides and tips on their website. Thanks, Good Vibes!


Feb 232015

AnthroSharkPhoto courtesy of Carnal Chameleon

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Feb 222015

Never before has a sex toy inspired me to write trashy inter-housal Harry Potter fan fiction like Scorn the Wyvern from Bad Dragon. “50 POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR,” I exclaimed on Instagram when Scorn arrived. And though I’m a Slytherin myself (I got that ambition, baby), I salivated at the sight of this short, chunky, crazily textured new dick from Bad Dragon.


Scorn is my second toy from Bad Dragon.  When thinking over BD’s many options I wanted to repair some of the issues I had originally. But first you should know that these toys are completely customizable in firmness (soft, medium, firm with the option of having a  medium shaft and firm base known as Split Firm or a soft shaft with a firm base, Split Wide), color (each toy’s color options are a bit different, but you can get any toy in any color ever or chose from preset options designed for the toy), and size (on the whole, Bad Dragon’s toys are larger than average, so look long and hard at the pictures).

You can also order a sample set of their silicones before making your choice. If thinking about your first toy from this company, I recommend doing so. The price of the silicone set is later deducted from the price of a toy.

My Scorn’s Stats:

Small (1.9″ at it’s widest, 4″ tall), Firm Silicone (Still pliable, softer than the firmest Tantus, much more rigid than VixSkin’s outer layer), Light Natural in Coloring

My Experience

I found the Medium silicone a bit too soft to be able to distinguish the texture on Nox the Night Drake. So this time around, I went with their Firm silicone, which I do favor now.  Scorn.4The texture is much more palpable, but it’s still soft enough to keep it from feeling weirdly scrapey. I’m really happy I made this move. I love the stimulation of the ridges that fall down the back of Scorn, which ride along and nudge my perineal sponge (shout out to the Redhead Bedhead whose writing on the subject, inspired my own explorations).

I went with Scorn because it possesses my favorite qualities: short—it’s only 4″ tall and I can thrust with abandon. While it’s ok for me, I could easily see this toy being a bit to short for some.

It’s base is much smaller and way easier to grasp than their more traditional toys. With some anthropomorphic toys, I get what Lorax of Sex calls “dildo claw,” and having small hands, my fingers have to stretch and curl to keep it from slipping out of my hand, like I’m desperately trying to hang on to a cliff.

Scorn’s base is hella more manageable.

The curve really spoke to me, as it looks like a G-Spot toy if I’ve ever seen one. The interesting thing about the curve is that it also keeps the base at a distance from vulva, leaving it free for a vibrator. There is not a battle between my internal and external toys, just harmony.

Oh, it’s also huge.

I say this because it looks small…compared to the others  The small is really chunky, at 1.9″ in diameter in the head and 2″ and slightly over in the shaft. This is not a toy a lot of people can just pick up and use, nor should it probably be someone’s first toy. It requires a decent amount of warm up.  The head is pointy, which I just adore once it’s inside me, but if you’re not warmed up, it feels slightly like it’s stabbing the entrance to your vag. Not that I would know, but um, yeah, I tried and learned the hard way. But when I’m properly warmed-up, I love how it’s girth put lots of pressure on my G-Spot. And I can get a better handle on it for some pretty intense G-Spot thrusting.


Should you get the Scorn? 

As with many of Bad Dragon’s toys, the first question I ask is: does it speak to me? Does the shape look like it would work for me compared to other experiences? The Scorn I think is ideal for people favor girth over length, no matter what size they are thinking of going with.

My advice when ordering from any customizable dildo peddler: TAKE YOUR TIME. I know, I know, getting pretty, interesting dicks in the mail is exciting but don’t let this rush you. And let’s be real, this is what happens to me each time I pick out a new Bad Dragon toy:

YAAAASSSSS NEW DRAGON DICKS WEEEEEEEEEEEE, *rushes through options like a fiend*, but maybe I could do the large? YES THE LARGE! Ok, yeah no, it’s like 5″ across, let’s get real, *sounds of mad clicking* WHY ARE THEY THAT SIZE? I NO LONGER UNDERSTAND COLORS *crashes into a heap, takes a nap, wakes up 30 minutes later and slowly goes through all the options with partner who can spot her vaginal delusions of grandeur from a mile away.

Don’t let the options overwhelm you. If you’re thinking about one and have questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to email me (peeps [dot] scoop [at]

The Takeaway:

I like to think of the Scorn as an intermediate, anthropomorphic G-Spot toy. It’s interesting, filling, and it’s base doesn’t cut of all ties from my vulva. Though not for beginners, the Scorn is great option for a short, fat, non-realistic dildo.

50 Points for Gryffindor indeed.

You can get Scorn the Wyvern and a whole host of other magical dicks: here.

Thanks, Bad Dragon, who sent me Scorn the Wyvern in exchange for my honest review!




Feb 172015

I’ve been trying to ejaculate for literal years.

It took me a long time to really find my G-Spot and enjoy G-Spot stimulation. I tried over and over on my own with my hand, but never worked for me. Shortly after becoming a blogger, I took the advice of Epiphora and got myself a Comet G-Wand. I began trying more and more types of texture and stimulation. I learned that my hand wasn’t enough. It takes something with a lot of oomph behind it, whether it be sheer girth, a steep curve, a rigid firmness, or some sort of science magic.

But despite having all kinds of crazy pleasure, I’ve still never squirted.

It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve definitely felt the twinges of envy and disappointment. Everything goes the way it should: I begin with clitoral stimulation, add a G-Spot toy, thrust like all hell. I press the vibrator firmly against the right side of my vulva (where I want it). Sometimes I can even hear it sloshing around. I’ve read all the books, laid down a Throe, and used lots of great smut to get myself there. It just doesn’t happen for me. It can be easy to feel left out, or not as “evolved” as others, although, I know very well that isn’t the case.

It can feel frustrating for anyone who sets out on a sexual journey that doesn’t seem to go as planned. Our bodies don’t always submit to deepest wants, no matter how mind-blowing the orgasms or how politically charged our intentions. Sometimes our partners don’t respond the way we’d like when we make a suggestion we’re really excited about. Or maybe that toy that worked so well for our friend didn’t do a damn thing for us.

Disappointment is something that happens. Here are some ways to deal positively with sexual disappointment:


#1. Let Yourself Feel

More often than not we’re told to shake things off, to let things go, or to repress our feelings. This doesn’t make the feeling go away, it merely turns it inward on the self, only making shame and disappointment worse. Take a second to breathe in and accept the emotion. On the exhale, try and release it.

#2. Spend some time with an old stand by

When I set out to ejaculate and fail, I go back to another type of stimulation that I know works well for me. I pull out the Hitachi Magic Wand, have a few strong orgasms in rapid sucession, and call it a day. Take your mind off the task at hand by doing what you already know works for you. Or just stop for a bit, go back to doing something else and try again later.

#3. Share your frustration

Us bloggers are really good at encouraging each other through our sexual mishaps and frustrations. Tell a friend that you just need some time and space to let loose and vent. Write it out. Get the feelings outside you, so you can look at them critically. Disappointment thrives on being unspoken

#4. Learn to let go of expectations

This is so hard for me. I always want to be the best, I’m a perfectionist and I always want to feel in control. But our bodies don’t always work the precise way we want them to and we aren’t in control of how other’s respond to us. Sex-positive exploration isn’t about achieving things, like orgasms. It’s about how we arrive there: pleasure.

#5. Keep it playful

I easily get lost in books and information, becoming unintentionally overly serious about my sexual goals. One way to keep this from happening is to keep things light and playful. It shouldn’t matter whether squirting (or whatever) happens or not. It’s about experimenting, self-knowledge, and having fun!




Feb 032015

IMG_8187-Copy-watermarkPhoto courtesy of Miss Ruby Reviews

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Jan 302015

I’m not on the market for a rabbit vibrator and I haven’t been, like, ever. If I was, however, I would be incredibly pleased to find the Lovelife Adventure from OhMiBod as an option. It’s FullSizeRender (12)rechargeable, boasts 6 intensities of decently rumbly vibration, and is protected by a one year warranty.

Dual stimulators are tempting to many because they appear to “do it all.” I’m wary of most. Sure vibration internally and externally simultaneously executed by one toy sounds like a good idea in theory, but for my body dual stimulators have major set-backs. The biggest of which is not being able to thrust with the shaft without removing vibration from my clit. The fact that I’m picky about internal vibrations, preferring LELO’s deep and diffuse vibrations internally and very powerful vibrations externally means that I’m not likely that I’ll find a rabbit vibrator that truly works for me.

So, if I’m skeptical of dual stimulators, what about this triple stimulator?

OhMiBod got me. The Adventure is a three prong show with a clit stimulator, internal shaft, and anal stimulator that are powered by THREE motors. I mean, I could have had my pick of the OhMiBod Lovelife Litter. I chose the Adventure because it looked the most interesting, and like it could offer the most interesting stimulation.  Add into the mix positive reviews from reviewers I really respect like Epiphora and the Redhead Bedhead: the icing on the multi-stimulation cake. I mean it’s a vibrating trident. And weirdly, it feels good. The vibrations are deep and rumbly, you know, quality vibrations. And it’s cheaper than a lot of porous, battery operated rabbits.


I assumed that the Adventure would overstimulate me, that it would feel like way too much going on all at once. I was surprised to find the stimulation to be quite balanced. The thuddy vibration is spread throughout the toy (most zingy in the clit stimulator, moderate in the anal part, and least intense in the internal portion) in such away to prevent it from feel like a lot of clamor going on in and all around my vagina. The shaft is a moderate size at 1.4″ in diameter, and 4.25″ of insertable length.

It matches up to my anatomy, which really took me for a loop. I did not expect the clitoral arm to actual nestle my clit and sure as hell didn’t expect the other arm to scoop up against my butt. I cannot, though, promise it will work out this way for you. As with any rabbit vibrator, it’s really a luck of the draw. I cannot confidently say that the Adventure will match up to your anatomy like it did for me. But, it does feel good, and it helps if I press it firmly into me and rock against it. The internal portion has quite a  curve to it, which helps it stay in place, but can also make it kind of tricky to get out post-orgasm.

The layout of the buttons is simple, though it looks kind of like a disgruntled face trapped inside a heart. The squiggly line changes the mode and the “+” and “-” buttons alter the intensity. The buttons can be kind of difficult to push and require some oomph, so they’re not easy to push at the wrong moment, but it’s hard to shut off immediately. (All toys should have an off button, as after I orgasm I’d like to be able to just shut the toy off.)


Though it’s not a toy I’m likely to pick up a regular basis, the Lovelife Adventure is a good toy. It holds it’s charge for  about 2 hours and I like that it tells you when it’s charging: it blinks while charging and holds steady light when it’s done. It’s charging port is still much more secure than magnetic chargers.  It’s not completely waterproof, but it’s safe for shower play and cleaning purposes. It’s made of body-safe materials: silicone and ABS hard plastic. It comes with a storage bag (when will every company learn the subtle importance of a including a nice storage bag?) and a warranty. So high marks in all the basic categories.

I’m glad I got the chance to try the Lovelife Adventure. You can get it for $99 at SheVibe.

Thanks, OhMiBod, who gave me the Adventure as a part of an in-store incentive program.



Jan 272015

FullSizeRender-10Photo courtesy of Peep’s Scoop

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Jan 242015

Believe you me, the sex toy industry and everyone near it are girding their loins for the “second coming of 50 Shades” with the Valentine’s release of the  movie. Lord help us. Whether we like or not, 50 Shades has brought people through the doors of sex shops.

But what do they say once they’re inside?

I know that many people would like some alternatives. It’s not that the book didn’t stir up something for many readers, it’s that their experience is always punctuated with a “but.” Like, it turned me on, but…I couldn’t get into it because I couldn’t relate to the plot or characters for the life of me. It resonated but lacked a certain, integral quality.

Some site the writing as being generally poor, or that there wasn’t enough explicit sex, or that they couldn’t identify with any of the characters. For others, it feels that the books were wholly inaccurate portrayals of nothing more than a BDSM aesthetic at best.

I’m not going to tell you to not read it, but I am going to offer you other suggestions for some kinky smut and sexy know-how.  Here are some alternatives:


50 Shades of Dylan Ryan

  • For those hungry for more explicit, intense sex scenes


Directed by Madison Young, this porn film isn’t so much of a retelling of 50 Shades as it is about the discussion we all can’t seem to stop having. It’s basically designed as an alternative to the book. Dylan Ryan, a young articulate feminist, hates the book, but when caught in argument with the author, Ms. Grey (Sadie Lune) she can’t help but make a bet: that her authentic experiences from submitting to Ms. Grey will gain more attention than the website dedicated to the inauthentic book. This porno explores quite a bit, is fucking hot, and won the Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Kink Film in 2013.

Watch it over at Hot Movies for Her.

Alison Tyler: Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment, Wrapped Around Your Finger

  • For the book slut who craves quality writing and engaging characters 


A similar scenario to 50 Shades, kind of, this trilogy from Alison Tyler completely captivated me from page one. Reading Alison Tyler’s writing is like drinking a smooth glass of bourbon.  It’s rich and down-to-earth. The main character, Sam, is more fleshed out and relatable,  perhaps because these books are based on Alison Tyler’s real life experiences. Throughout the series. the story remains intricately crafted, twisted,  and genuine.

From My Review of The Delicious Torment:

The characters in The Delicious Torment hit my smutty sweet spot. By that, I mean it’s like I know them, but they are also me.

It doesn’t get better than that in reading smut. With The Delicious Torment, I get the intrigue of distance that comes from an enchanting encounter with a stranger, but the carnal proximity of “me,” that what’s unfolding in the narrative is also happening to me and happening along my body.

Available here.

The Big Book of Submission: 

  • For readers who look for variety above all else

Big.Book.SubmissionThis anthology was on my Best of 2014 list for it’s diversity and wide scope. What makes The Big Book of Submission a great read is the variety: variety in tone, in characters’ gender, gender expression and sexual orientation/arrangements, in length of the individual stories.

I love the pace this variety creates. It can be quick and dirty or long and deeply sensual. Often visceral, The Big Book of Submission offers readers more: more quality, more authenticity, more fantasies to chose from. It’s quite a little chunk, and makes for a great bedside companion.

Available here.


The Ultimate Guide to Kink

  • For the sex geek  that wants more practical, accurate, and reliable advice


I recommended The Ultimate Guide to Kink as one of my top picks for those interested in practical or scholarly studies of BDSM. This is what I had to say about it:

The Ultimate Guide to Kink radically and quickly changed my life. It’s not as if I was unconscious of my scholastic interest in kink or my own desires and pleasures, but that I didn’t know where to start. Good thing I picked up this book. As a text, it combines the voices of some of the top-notch practitioners. While it’s great for beginners, as it lays out clearly and accessibly the fundamentals and history of kinky practices, it offers a variety of topics that are critically engaging and easily put into practice. It is by no means a homogenous collection, in that there are varying opinions about many concepts, which I find comforting in any collection of essays. The Ultimate Guide to Kink offers its readers plenty of practices and frameworks to explore and find out what resonates. At the same time, it has useful advice on the practical issues of safety, consent, negotiation, and how-to.

Available here.

Tristan Taromino’s Rough Sex Series

  • For the visual learner who wants equal parts hot explicit sex and fantasies driven by women


Tristan Taormino always does a remarkable job of bringing out and capturing the fantasies of performers. Rough Sex is one of my favorite porn series. Each  film occurs in different sequences  in which a fantasy created and imagined by one of the female performers is carried out.

Unlike the book series in question, these performers are engaged in carrying out their fantasies and each scene centers around their pleasure.

Watch it over at Good Vibrations After Dark VOD.




Jan 212015

IMAG0081_1-300x233Photo courtesy of Naughty Corner

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Jan 202015

All right, kittens, it’s that time: I’m giving something away once I’ve reached 500 Twitter followers. And just what is that something? A Tantus Flurry & Cush, of course! The Flurry was the first dildo to really spoil my vag good, and Its girthy kissing cousin the Cush is perhaps even better. I couldn’t  pick just one to put on my Best of 2014 list and I can’t pick one now. They just go together, and I want to give back to all you lovely people who read and support Peep’s Scoop. I’m also throwing in a bottle of Sliquid Silk.

Ain’t dildo life grand?



From My Review of the Flurry:

“Wrangling the Flurry O2 from its package, I knew from the moment I squeezed its squishy firmness in my hand, that this was the day—-the day that could possibly transform  my vagina into Veruca Salt, or Augustus Gloop, a spoiled brat who demands the best and always wants more of it.

And indeed, my vagina has been wrecked by gluttony. In fact, my biggest problem is that it’s hard to put it down. My G-Spot figuratively whimpers whenever I try to put it back in its drawer.”

From My Review of the Cush:

I must say that one of the ways I measure a toy’s effectiveness is by the sounds I involuntarily utter when I am about to come. With the Cush I have to make sound.  I whimper, I swear, I make high pitched noises no one needs to really hear and exhale on “Fuck.” It’s good, you guys.

There are also plenty of ways to score extra entries!

This giveaway will go on until I reach 500 followers. If chosen as the winner you will have 48 hours to respond to my email before another winner is chosen. You will have to provide me with your address, as I will be the one shipping them to you. Winners will be chosen at random and announced in an update to this post, on Twitter, and via email.

Thanks in advance, and good luck!

500 Hundred Follwers Giveaway


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