Finding a Lube You’ll Love

Where would I be without lube?

FullSizeRender (37)Without the handy help of lube, I wouldn’t be able to shove things inside myself and then write about it on the Internet. Lube makes things easier and slicker, but a good lube to me is one that makes things slippery without reducing all friction.

Though I’ve tried many, lube isn’t an easy thing to write about. It’s hard to describe. And I know from working on the floor of a sex shop that people have feelings about lube.

There’s a really pervasive, incorrect cultural myth that if you need to use lube, it means you’re broken.

It doesn’t.

Lube reduces discomfort with penetration, can really help out with oral sex, and is completely necessary for some things, like butt stuff. When it comes to vaginas, science actually tells us that there’s no direct causation between “wetness” and desire (stop what you’re doing a grab a copy of Come as You Are. Do that? Ok, let’s proceed). We are taught to believe that our bodies respond in perfect harmony to our sexual whims. Not always the case, and that’s ok! Lube is something to have in your pleasure toolkit. It’s a cheap, effective new thing to try out and let enhance any experience. Lube is good, lube is your friend, don’t buy into that shit about being broken.

LubePostBut because there’s a stigma around lube, we also don’t get much information about it or how to find ones that are safe and right for us.

When I first started blogging, I was fucking clueless about lube. Most of what I had heard came from listening to sales reps whose products were subpar at best and disgustingly gummy/tacky at worst.

Like so many other baby sex bloggers, I found the light of Sliquid, a brand trusted by professional masturbators everywhere. And after finding out what makes some lubes better than others, I’ve tried quite a few, tackling different textures, flavors, and ingredients.

We don’t have much in the way of popular images of lube. Except for one brand: KY.  Even though KY contains both glycerin and parabens (potentially harmful preservatives) we believe it’s fine because it’s everywhere. It’s the only lube that has that kind of brand recognition.

Many times on the floor of a sex shop, I would have customers who refused to buy a particular material (often a body-safe material like high quality 100% silicone, glass, ABS hard plastic) because someone they knew had a bad experience or was “allergic.” Confused I would make sure they didn’t mean TPE or jelly, and they wouldn’t. It would dawn on me what it probably was: lube.

Lube2The lubes we see the most of are often times the ones that can actually do our bodies harm: triggering yeast infections, irritation, and discomfort. Even the new FDA regulations won’t weed out the likely culprits of so many’s discomfort.

So when picking out a lube check the ingredients first. Shy away from ones that contain glycerin and parabens.

And no one’s silly for believing that lube must be body-safe if it’s on the shelves or on TV. It means you have high standards and think that being body-safe is priority for lube companies. Unfortunately, it’s not always, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great lube that does all the things for you.

Lube Companies I Trust Across the Board: Sliquid, Good Clean Love, Uberlube, Please, Blossom Organics 


Water Based Lubes:

Water based lubes are the most common and  recommended for use with silicone toys. They can be the trickiest to get right, as when they dry they can feel all sticky or tacky. The body absorbs water fairly quickly so you’ll likely need to reapply. Despite this,  water-based lubes are easy to use and clean up.


Sliquid Organics water based is a solid choice for a no frills plain water based lube to use with toys or a partner. Its consistency is on the thinner side but not runny. It’s tasteless and odorless and I don’t notice any sticky residue, but I’m not particularly picky.

Sliquid Sassy is my favorite water based lube. Designed for anal play (you can use this lube any way you please), its thicker viscosity helps keep it around for longer. Sassy minimizes friction beautifully and I highly recommend it for toys with a lot of drag (Fun Factory is a prime example), larger toys, butt stuff, and toys with extreme texture.

Wicked Sensual Care’s Aqua Sensitive is one that I recommend not because I’m head over heels with it, but because I’ve worked with so many who are. It’s by far the thinnest water based lube I’ve ever come in contact with and in feel tests it sways even the pickiest of lube consumers. Despite it’s extremely thin consistency it somehow manages to stick around.


Silicone Lubes:

The word “silicone” seems to make people skittish. Never fear folks, silicone lubes contain fewer ingredients than water based and don’t require preservatives! That being said, some silicone lubes can feel thick (not in a good way) and oily depending on the manufacturer.

Silicone sticks around, as it doesn’t absorb into the body like water does. They usually leave a soft finish behind when they dry and are ideal for long play sessions. They are slippery, like really slippery, and be careful not to spill it. I’ve seen more than one person alm22FM13ost bite it in a puddle of silicone lube.

Silicone (oil) and silicone (rubber) like to stick to each other, which can cause toys to degrade. Water based lubes are traditionally recommended, and it’s a very tricky thing to suggest. Spot test a silicone lube on the base of a silicone toy to check for any disfiguration before using, just to be safe.

Uberlube is my silicone lube of choice. It’s thin and non-greasy. It has a really light finish to it that makes it great to add to mosturizer for a makeup base or to tame frizzy hair. Uberlube is super slick and leaves softer skin behind. It’s packaging is discreet and fancy. It’s a sophisticated lube that I’ve used with multiple silicone toys without issue.

Hybrid Lubes:

Good hybrid lubes can feel creamy, smooth, and luxurious. Bad hybrid lubes can feel like bacon grease. It just depends. But if I had to only have one lube in my life i22FL12-3t would be a hybrid.

Hybrid lubes are usually just fine to use with silicone toys because the amount of silicone they contain is really low. The silicone gives the lube a boost and helps keep it around for longer than a plain water based.

Sliquid Silk made the top spot in lubes I tried in 2014 and is my first choice for really anything. Please Cream is very similar and another top choice.  I don’t know how to describe why but they just feel better to me. I don’t think it has anything to do with feeling “more natural,” they’re just softer, providing cushion without detracting from the sensation of texture.

Yeah, that.

Tingling Lubes:

organics-o-gelEvery once in a while a little added sensation might be nice. I must confess, though, I’ve never really committed to testing a heating or a cooling lube. Temperature play is just something I’m not that into.

There are some body safe ones on the market: Sliquid makes a warming lube which other bloggers seem to enjoy.

I enjoy using their Stimulating O Gel, which I’m pretty sure came in a larger size as a lube, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Anyway, it basically creates a tingly, sort of buzzy sensation wherever you apply it. The sensation can help jumpstart things or just add a little something extra. As a lube, it worked well for using larger toys.


There you have it, folks—some starters for finding a good, quality lube.

Browse the lube sections of my awesome affiliates: Good Vibrations, SheVibe, Tantus, Early to Bed

HedoVibes Review Round Up #93

IMG_2105Photo courtesy of Omni Lust

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Review: VixSkin Outlaw

Aptly named, the VixSkin Outlaw defies the laws of my vagina. Now I know that a Tardis is something that is bigger on the inside than the outside, but we need a word for dildos that seem huge and feel oddly like nothing at all once inside your various orifices.


That’s kinda how I experience the Outlaw.

The Outlaw is a colossal, extremely floppy hyper-realistic dildo complete with veins and giant balls. With 9.5″ of insertable length and just over 2″ in diameter, yeah, this is a big-ass dildo.

It has a very squishy outer layer and a functional, firm inner core. It’s body-safe and 100% high quality silicone. Be sure to use only water-based lube and you can boil it for 3-5 minutes to completely sterilize it (you will need a pretty big pot).

VixSkin, the coveted and beloved dual density silicone from Vixen Creations, won the affections of my vag when I reviewed their other toy, Buck. With the soft, ample squish of VixSkin in combination with a smooth and supple G-Spot head, Buck was close to perfection.

The Outlaw, on the other hand, taught me that it wasn’t just VixSkin about Buck that I loved. Its size and shape made it easy to thrust. The Outlaw, as I probably should have been able to tell, is not easy to thrust with….at all. It’s much too floppy, as I can only realistically put slightly over a quarter of its massive length inside me.

If you could take only one thing away from this review, it should perhaps be this: only get the Outlaw if you want to experiment with length.FullSizeRender (33)

Girthwise it’s not enough to justify the hassle of wrangling it.

It’s hard to grasp this dildo and it bends so easily that it’s very difficult to thrust with. And because it’s so squishy I desperately need to thrust with it for it to be stimulating.

I essentially experience three stages when using the Outlaw:

Stage One: Disillusion

I stare at it thinking it’s going to feel massive and wonderful inside me. The thick, lippy coronal ridge is going to put amazing pressure on my G-Spot and I will have all the orgasms. Orgasms for the ages.

After some warm up, I smother it in Sliquid Sassy and put it inside me. There’s a stretching sensation, some moderate discomfort, and then…nothing.

I feel full, really full, but my vagina can’t really discern how I feel so full. The Outlaw feels formless and I start to question how discerning my vag really is.

Stage Two: Pleasure

FullSizeRender (34)

VixSkin Outlaw v. Buck

Though I can’t really tell where it is inside me, I begin to thrust anyway. After some time and clitoral stimulation, it starts to feel really good. My G-Spot is suddenly on board with what is going on, even though I can’t really make out how the ridge is stimulating it. Thrusting is clearly the key to making this work. The pleasurable sensation builds and builds and I need to thrust harder.

Stage Three: Frustration

I try to thrust harder and cannot. The Outlaw‘s balls are difficult to hang on to and its floppiness is causing it to bend rather than slam inside me with abandon. I grow frustrated, my arms aching from its hefty weight and though I come, I know I could have stronger orgasms if I could just thrust the damn thing a little more easily.

So I don’t know, people. I just don’t know about the Outlaw. Is it a good toy? Sure, it’s body safe and luxuriously plushy. It does feel good, but for a toy that stands at nearly a foot tall, it leaves me wanting more.

My advice is this: if you need a toy you can thrust with easily, this is not the toy for you. If you want to experiment with length then by all means, go right ahead, the Outlaw will probably serve you well.

If you’re like me and more interested in girth, the VixSkin Buck or Randy (if you *really* want girth) are probably better options.

If the Outlaw sounds right for you, you can scoop one up at SheVibe.

I Have a Real Neat Blog? How Sweet!


Always the Little Spoon nominated my blog as being really neat. Wasn’t that sweet? Thanks, Lil Spoon! So I’m gonna answer some questions and share some stuff about my blogging life.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I fell head over heels in love with sex toys, other bloggers, and the industry at large. I was working in a sex toy shop while finishing my Master’s thesis and I didn’t want to leave. Helping people find the right sex toys for them is rewarding and it wasn’t something I wanted to give up. So, I started

2. If your site had a goal, what would it be? How do you feel you’re doing with that goal, right now? How do you feel you’ve done with that goal over all?

My initial goal was lofty.

I wanted (and still secretly want) to be like the Queer Vogue of dildos. In terms of meeting that goal, I’ve realized to follow my own voice and that’s enough. I think it’s easy to get caught up in trying to the “something” of sex toys but in reality people just want to hear about your authentic experiences and read essays that don’t suck.

My goal now is to help people seek pleasure. To actively seek out pleasure, to be curious about it, and write pieces that inspire and help people to live more pleasure positive lives.

I’ll never be the Anna Wintour (I mean, sure maybe *crosses fingers and prays to ye sex toy gods*) of detachable dicks, but I’m still Peep and I wouldn’t change that.

3. How has blogging influenced your life?

Blogging has made me a better writer. It just has.

It keeps me writing, it keeps me engaged and plugged into an industry I love for better or for worse, and it’s nice to have a community of bloggers who support you whether you wrote an awesome sex guide or your pet is sick.

And as I’ve written elsewhere, writing reviews has helped me do a very tricky and important type of writing: articulating sensation.

4. What is your favourite part of blogging?

When I get feedback like “I had that toy but didn’t know I could use it this way and then I did and it was awesome!” or “Thank you for writing this, it really speaks to me,” I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. That’s makes me want to keep going.

5. Are you kinky? How did you come to this conclusion?

Yes. I came to the conclusion that I was brat interested in resistance and pushing boundaries when I had the language and concepts to do so.

I came of age around kinky people who were out and proud but their kink didn’t look like mine. So I’ve probably been kinky for a long time but just saw their kink as the only kind. It took a lot of reading and asking questions to get there, but I see it as an integral part of my sexuality. Blogging definitely helped facilitate that.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

An Associate Professor, a buyer for an indie sex toy retailer, or a mermaid. Any of those would be fine.

7. What is the most important thing about you that you want everyone to know?

I’m kind of aloof, but I have good intentions.

Field Notes of a Smut Slinger: On Burning Up & Starting New Fires

The word “burn out” never really resonates with me. I’m not talking about the feelings associated with burn out (exhaustion, loss of interest, general struggle to constantly engage), so much as theE25F284123 word. Rather than burning out, per se, I burn up. I spin with ideas and projects and passion until I’m engulfed with flames of wanting to do and be everything to everyone at every moment.

Yeah, that’s been happening lately.

Which means that blogging and tweeting have taken a backseat to real life. I needed it. It’s been a time of working hard to get myself out there and for all the aspects of my work to be seen. And I learned a lot about my brand, my direction, and my audience.

I was reminded lately that we feel burn out usually because we’ve done a lot. We’ve put ourselves out there, contributed to something greater that us, and worked our asses off. That’s why we’re “burnt out” in the first place. I’m trying to remember how I got to this current state of exhaustion and realized a lot has come out of this fiery time of burning up.


I got a chance to talk about what I think about working as a sex educator on the floor of mainstream sex shops at Catalyst Con East this year. And in other awesome news, you can read an essay form of that talk on Kinkly in my first published article for them.

The conference was a crazy amazing time. I got to see people I knew and loved and meet new folks.  It lit a new fire under me, to write and continue to promote myself and my work. I got to raise questions about issues of labor and point out that sex toy shop floors are actually imagined in our culture as places where people can ask for sexual help.

After my presentation, I had a fucking FANTASTIC  conversation with phone sex operator and award wining performance artist Cameryn Moore and she wrote about it on her blog. We found connections and differences in different types of sexaully-related, affective labors. It epetomized what I loved about being there: the sheer inspiration. With every encounter I began asking new questions and thinking in new directions.

I also fondled the new cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable. It’s a rumbly monster with a squishy silicone (!!!!) head, improved buttons, and a plug-and-play feature. I’m really excited for the reviews on it to come out. You can pre-order one here.

Which also means I finally got to squeeze that wondrous human, Educator Andy. I eventually produced this gem when talking about why I’m in media studies and not in some other academic discipline.

Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 12.24.57 PM

I met Kate Bornstein and cried happy tears about it for a minute.

I smoked cigarettes with people I admire and got to vent about smut slinger stress to Crista Anne. I’ve been thinking about leaving the floor and it kind of breaks my heart. I love what I do. Crista said she “misses it everyday.” I believe her.

Mostly, I acted very shy, squealed frequently, and kept announcing who people were to themselves, as if they didn’t already know. Which is cute, I guess.

After that, I spent the first day of #MasturbationMonth in a town in which selling sex toys was illegal not very long ago. A couple weeks ago when I traveled to West Texas as an invited speaker, I was thinking about one of the major themes that emerged at Catalyst Con: sex education in the everyday. I was outside of my comfort zone speaking about kink, media, and feminist alternative reading practices in a conservative space. And though I’m used to being left of center, or the “socialist smutslinger,” I’ve grown accustomed to being around people who were like me politically and socially. I forgot what it was like to worry about the material consequences of what I do as a pleasure and permission based sex educator and as scholar on porn and sexually explicit media. Though unnerving, it reminded of me of how I am needed outside of a sex positive bubble.

It felt good to be an alternative voice. To hear people say “You’ve articulated something I’ve been trying to say but couldn’t quite access,” “I’ve never thought about it that way,” and to know you’re shifting paradigms no matter how small it feels. I was reminded of how we as sex educators and bloggers are needed—- to be the voice of pleasure and permission where there are so few others to speak up.

I may have burned up my energy, but it was well worth it. I’m getting back to writing some fabulous things for you, dear readers.

So what’s next on the agenda?:


If you haven’t read my review of Best Sex Writing of the Year from Cleis Press, do it. The name really does say it all.

Reviews have been piling up, so there’s no shortage of awesome (and not-so-awesome) stuff to talk about. There’s sex toy erotica, a guide to sex and aging, multiple dildos, and some new butt stuff all waiting to be tested and judged.

My upcoming guide to big toys will help you pick out the chunky dildo that’s just right for you.

A piece about classism and access when it comes to sex education will challenge our cultural standards of what and who is an “expert.”

Oh, and I’m writing a book of bratty smut.

So kittens, I guess the lesson of these past couple months is that sometime we have to burn up to start a new fire.


Want to show my work some support? Grab a toy and some lube from Tantus this month and save 20% I’ll receive a percentage of the sale and you can celebrate Maybation! 



Review: Best Sex Writing of the Year from Cleis Press

I devoured  Best Sex Writing of the Year from Cleis Press. I gulped down the articles in droves, rarely letting up, and as if with cheeks full of delicious thoughts and new ideas, I yelled “These are the conversations we should be having.”

BSWoftheYear_hiresI don’t agree with everything the authors in this text say and they don’t always agree with each other. That’s possibly what makes Best Sex Writing of the Year…the best. As a whole it tackles a diverse range of issues and experiences: white supremacy’s affects on desire, ability and access, sex worker rights and experiences, the treatment of penises and the people who have them in the porn industry, and trans and genderqueer inclusion.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

And that’s not even a definitive list. Lynn Comella reaches out to community members in Las Vegas on the quality of sex education they received, calling for comprehensive sex education in her, often mispresumed to be wildly liberal, city.

Editor of Best Sex Writing and host of Sex City Radio, Jon Pressick provides a poignant reflection on censorship and how we balance and navigate sexually explicit language in the public sphere.

Laura Marie Flemming (aka Queerie Bradshaw) makes a case for celibacy as a mode of healing and harnessing production.

While you can find these essays in and around the web, I gotta say (as a self-described book slut and fetishist, mind you) I love having them all nestled together in the form of book.

It’s probably not the book I think some would assume it is: a collection of overtly positive writing that skims over major structural issues.

Yeah, this is not that book. The essays and various pieces in this collection go directly to the heart of core issues and reflect with a succinct capacity to account for structural and personal experiences of sexuality at its many intersections.

I was already familiar with some of the articles featured, like sex toy reviewer Epiphora’s post “What Should We Call Sex Toys?” Epiphora tackles the importance of having an honest, accurate taxonomy when it comes to sex toys. She promotes the use of the word “toy,” and questions companies who eschew the word (they are used for play, people) in favor of condescending euphemisms.

Christopher Zeischegg’s (aka Danny Wylde)  essay for Nerve was another familiar read. Reflecting in equal parts vulnerability and endearing aloofness, Wylde talks about the toll ED drugs took on his body during his time in the porn industry. He flirts with questions of the authentic, and there’s such a gentility to the way he pen his complicated story of being sexual both on and off camera.

These essays speak beyond basic understandings of sexuality and instead spend time focusing on complexity and nuance. It maintains, however, a high level of accessibility—-you don’t need to have studied Foucault to understand what’s happening.

One theme that emerges in the text is a call for decentralizing gender in terms of how qualify sexual identity. Fuck yes. Part of this is an attempt by several authors to capture sexual plurality. Alok Vaid-Menon gives an extraordinary essay on their experience of white supremacy and it’s effects on their desire in “The White Kind of Body.” Decentralizing sex and gender “identity” is a way to combat singular, white-centric discourse on queerness, and counter oppression. They write:

I want us to stop attempting to categorize, label, and contain all of our pluralities. I want us to be able to embrace the chaos that comes from really doing meaningful introspective work on our desires without falling into the trap of identity. The idea of categorizing our sexuality into discrete identities is a colonial phenomenon. This process of challenging sexual identity politics and allow a space to self-narrate our desires and identities is a part of a greater struggle against white supremacy.

The notion of breaking down singular conceptions of identity as a part of a larger intersectional struggle against oppression appears in several places throughout the book, including Cory Silverbern’s “We Need a New Orientation to Sex” which makes a case for honoring pluralities, particularly when talking to children about sex and gender.

I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted it to keep going, on and on forever. I would have stayed there reading it.

In the end, it’s easy for me to judge a book by how much I end up writing after I read it. My mind was reeling with ideas and feels and my fingers couldn’t wait to get to the page.

Best Sex Writing of the Year is a conversation-igniting megaforce to be reckoned with that features some of the best sex writers out there. It just is.

Get a copy from Good Vibrations.

Cleis Press wanted to know what I thought of Best Sex Writing of the Year, so they sent me a copy in exchange for my honest review. Thanks, Cleis Press!  

The Bratty Bottoms Spanktacular Giveaway Series: Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat

A little over a year ago, I penned an essay that still resonates deeply. It was the first time I felt really truly vulnerable in my writing here on Peep’s Scoop.

As a bratty bottom, someone who plays with resistance and acting out, I’ve learned a lot about trust, about keeping it playful, and about how I view myself. This essay still manages to capture how I feel about being a brat.

From the Essay—Bratty Bottoms: Ambiguity and Resistance:

When I’m bratty and I act out, I know I will be punished. It gives me the space to explore a more concrete set of relations. Which is not to suggest that I am not denied punishment from time to time. When I beg, I feel my need for that connection, those causal relations I so adamantly avoid in my work.

The Brat is a role and/or persona. William A. Henkin does a good job of explaining the difference between roles and personas and how the two are related. While a “role” is an already established part that either fits or doesn’t fit, a persona is “a state of mind or a single facet of someone’s personality expressed as a whole, if limited, personality…” [1]

We discover our personas, Henkin continues, through role-play in a kind of fantastic loop.

The Brat, as a role, can unearth a whole host of personas, and allows me to strike when I feel an urge, allows me to react fully—-to a feeling, a suspicion, a want. And in turn, I know that when I do this, I will receive the slap of a hand.

I wanted to give away some tools that I think are great for exploring bratty bottom play, so over the next month I’ll be doing a set of giveaways. The Bratty Bottoms Spanktacular Giveaway Series will feature toys, books, and all the things you need to explore BDSM safely and sensationally.


First up is the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat, a dual sided faux-leather paddle that’s totally playful and mischevious.

From My Review:

 The smooth side works well for long spanking, and the quilted side is great for taking it down a notch before reverting back. Also, butts tend to get itchy when spanked for a while, rubbing with the smooth side eases this. All these features make it great for sporadic, anytime play.

You want this paddle, people.

There are several ways to score extra entries: following myself and giveaway sponsor Good Vibes on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, subscribing to the blog, sharing links, referring your friends, and more!

If chosen as the winner you will have 48 hours to respond to my email before another winner is chosen. You will have to provide me with your address, as I will be the one shipping it to you. The winner will be chosen at random and announced in an update to this post, on Twitter, and via email. I do not announce people’s names, as I think it’s an issue of privacy.

Thanks for following, and good luck!

An extra special thanks to Good Vibrations for donating the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat for this giveaway! Good Vibrations is the leading education-based adult retailer. Check them out here.

The Bratty Bottoms Spanktacular Giveaway Series: Bettie Page Paddle


HedoVibes Review Round Up #82

IMG_8155Photo courtesy of Miss Ruby Reviews

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Review: Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat

I’m a porn nerd, people.

FullSizeRender (29)

I wanted the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat because the fetish loops and films of Irvine Klaw are still some of my favorites to watch and write about. Particularly, are his “catfight” films which usually involve a roommate getting mad very suddenly and tying a lady up then spanking her in a ridiculously performative way. In my favorite, a very bratty woman keeps interrupting a game of chess. The chess-players, who are inexplicably wearing lingerie, first tie her up with her arms and legs behind her back, but she scoots over and knocks the table over, so they re-bind her in a different way, and she finds another way to disrupt the game and a pattern develops. These images set my interest in all things bratty in motion.

When I found out about the Bettie Page line from Lovehoney, I fell in love with this imaged paddle. It’s playful and fun and calls to mind all those bratty loops and films. Word on the street was that it might be too tame, but I didn’t care. And I’m glad I didn’t. I quite like this paddle for everyday use.

The Spanking Bat has two sides. The side with the picture is smooth and has a nice bite to it. It’s the primary side my partner and I use. There is also a quilted side, where the faux leather is much more plush. In the manual, beginners are encouraged to use the quilted side when starting out and I agree. The impact is much more muted and broad.

FullSizeRender (28)

I rarely mention packaging in my reviews, but I feel compelled to with this particular toy. It really presents the paddle to you, with a collage of images inside and added memorabilia. It looks like a treat to be enjoyed and played with. I appreciate this, as sometimes the marketing of BDSM toys is dark and serious and broody. The Bettie Page line is conversely light with a hint of mischief.

After ooohing and ahhing over the packaging, the paddle itself was put into immediate use. It managed to capture both my partner and I’s imaginations, as aesthetically, this paddle is on point. It’s sleek, light weight, and appears very gentle. When put to the test, it delivers a bit more of bite than I expected, but isn’t overbearing.

My partner had been wanting a paddle for every day, prolonged use. Our usual go-tos are great but I cannot take them for as long he’d like and as hard as he’d like. We needed something lighter, but not boring.

I’d say that we made the right choice. The smooth side works well for long spanking, and the quilted side is great for taking it down a notch before reverting back. Also, butts tend to get itchy when spanked for a while, rubbing with the smooth side eases this. All these features make it great for sporadic, anytime play.

FullSizeRender (30)

While it’s not going to be enough for those looking for intense, heavy impact, the Bettie Page Spanking Bat is great for those starting out or in a similar situation of wanting something that is easy to take and use.

The only con I see with this paddle is that it is a bit expensive. This is largely, I assume, due to copyright stuff. If you’re looking for a quality, beginner-friendly, playful paddle, I’d say it’s worth it, if you really like the image and/or Bettie Page. If the image doesn’t speak to you or you want something heavier, I’d say it isn’t for you.

I was actually really impressed with the bite the Bettie Page “Picture This” Spanking Bat can deliver. I’m glad it’s in my kinky collection.

Get one from Good Vibes.

Good Vibrations sent me this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are used throughout. Good Vibes is one of the leading seasoned, trusted woman-centered and education-based sex toys shops out there. They have a great selection, excellent customer service, and tons of helpful guides and tips on their website. Thanks, Good Vibes!


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