What is it and what is supposed to do? The Ryder from those fine folks at Tantus is a butt plug. You put it in your butt and it stays there. And unlike a lot of other plugs I’ve tried, it actually does stay there. It’s narrowest part comes just before the base, helping it to Read More

I sat staring at my brand new Stronic Drei. As it lay charging, a quiet terror overtook me. What have I done? I thought, stricken with fear. What if the Eins really was better? What if this locked behind my pubic bone with grizzly bear force? What if…I made a major mistake? I was nervous Read More

The Lelo Mia 2 damn near broke my heart. I tried to prepare myself, tried to steady my anxieties when I found out that the tapered end is not the end meant to be used. I slowly chanted this information (that the tapered end covers the USB port and was not an answer to my prayers for Read More

There’s no getting around it: the Bound is one kinky, rough sex dildo. If the buldging veins and rope along the shaft didn’t tell you that, one glide through your hands sure as hell will. You’ll know immediately that it will be rough, it will take all the lube, the thickest lube, and even then, you will Read More

I regret that I didn’t try the Tantus Goddess sooner.  Earlier on, I think I would have unabashedly loved the Goddess. It’s  glossy and the texture is easy. It comes in gentle waves down the shaft and I am pretty positive that the Goddess is, actually, a great beginner toy. But trying it now that I Read More

The Cush is one fine hunk of silicone. It’s a firm, slightly squishable beast of a dildo. Aesthetically, it’s goregous. The girthy kissing cousin of one of  my favorite dildos, the Cush is on my list of staple toybox must-haves. It features a prominent head that’s a wee bit squishier than the toy’s firm shaft. The Cush is made of Tantus Read More

I’ll be frank: the Jopen L2 is a teeny, tiny dynamo of a vibrator and I love it. In sex toy land, there are two sheriffs in town when it comes to clitoral stimulation. The Tango and the Touch from We-Vibe are two trusted, powerful vibes that a ton of bloggers recommend, myself included. Thinking I had my clit needs met, I Read More

Bad Dragon’s dildos caught my eye a while back, so I was really excited when the opportunity to review one presented itself. In addition to owning quite a few myself, I stare at sex toys all day and there’s no shortage of monotony. Bad Dragon’s fantasy designs definitely shake things up in their customizable, anthropomorphic sex toys Read More

Early to Bed calls the Lelo Mona 2 the “darling of the sex toy blogger world,” and for a good reason. The Mona is beloved by many, one blogger even erected a holy shrine to it. As I sit down to write about it, I have to wonder what could I contribute? When my Mona first arrived, I Read More

Woooo boy, baby got her first VixSkin dildo and it does all the things to me. Ok, so I realize this may mean nothing to you at the moment. Stay with me. Vixen Creations is a sex toy company that makes hand-crafted dildos, plugs, anal beads and wand attachments from platinum silicone, including their much coveted and Read More

I didn’t want the Ina Wave until I held it in my hands. Holding it, my fingers clenched around its moving shaft, I wondered: how would this feel though? Then, I met a woman who had tried it and the look in her eye told me everything I needed to know: it was time to test this toy. Luckily, the good Read More

Aptly named, the VixSkin Outlaw defies the laws of my vagina. Now I know that a Tardis is something that is bigger on the inside than the outside, but we need a word for dildos that seem huge and feel oddly like nothing at all once inside your various orifices. That’s kinda how I experience the Outlaw. What Read More

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