We-Vibe Touch Review

I’ve been looking into getting this one for a bit now, and I just couldn’t wait no longer and had to try it out. I’ve always enjoyed the We-Vibe brand, always hitting the spots just right, and never being disappointing. Let’s look at the Touch.

We-Vibe Touch
We-Vibe Touch

I was a bit shocked when seeing the toy in person compared to in pictures and stuff, but I really liked the shape. It’s designed with a handle that makes it easy for me to grip, because my wrists sometimes hurt after using some toys – but not this one!

They also seem to have focused a lot on designing the tip, kind of like a spoon shape that perfectly fits my clit, providing direct stimulation with pin-point accuracy! Although, if you have a larger than usual clitoris, it may not fit just right.

How its comes

It’s rechargeable and comes with a storage case that fits your toy and charger. This makes it great for taking on trips, as you can use any USB slot for charging. Most toys recommend a 6 to 8-hour charge, but I usually plug it in overnight, so I know it’s fully charged and ready to go. See review of Magic Wand

There is a massive amount of combinations you can choose from this toy compared to some lower end vibrators, from a slight tickle to a nice strong pattern, you can customize your experience each time or go straight for what you know and love.

My Wrap Up

I highly recommend getting this at some point when your budge allows, as it is around the $100 range it can be a little more expensive than alternatives. Although, it is worth the extra because of the high-quality materials and when cared for properly can last years! What are you waiting for?