VixSkin Vixen Creations Buck

VixSkin has been making quality products for years. Truth be told, I have yet to find one of their toys that I don’t like. The Vixen Creations Buck is no exception. This is honestly one of my new favorites, we are talking top 5 easy. More on my opinion later, let’s look at the stats.

VixSkin Vixen Creations Buck
VixSkin Vixen Creations Buck


For starters, this thing is quite large, in both length and in diameter. Though it isn’t part of the design, we will cover the packaging of the product first. It does come in a clear plastic tube that makes it great for storing away or even putting on display (if you are that open).

As most of the VixSkin products, the material is 100% pure platinum silicone which is non-porous, non-toxic, and free of any of that nasty chemical junk that some other brand toys use.

Vixen Creations Buck
Vixen Creations Buck

The length of this toy is about 7 ½” while having an insertable length of about 6 ½”. The width of this thick cock is about 2”. It is harness compatible, and its wide base makes it safe for ass play. The base, I feel I should note, is also able to be used as a suction cup. 

It is a realistic cock looking dildo with a wide base. There are veiny designs adorned on the shaft that make for pleasurable stimulation. It comes in different colors. It looks similar to the Maverick by VixSkin. 


You are able to clean this amazing toy very easily by either boiling it for a few minutes, washing it with toy cleaner, or even popping it in the dishwasher (Don’t use dish soap). I will admit that it can collect a lot of dust and lint, so keeping it dry and stored away when not in use is important. 

My Review 

I must admit, at first, it was a lot to take in (Pun Intended). However, once I got it past the rim, it became an amazing toy. It did take a bit of warm up with my fingers and a smaller toy to get completely ready to use this toy, however, if you are accustomed to medium and larger side dildos, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Size queens beware, this isn’t exactly what you are used to. You may find it too small for your liking, but the good news for you is that it works well as a warm up toy. For beginners, you are going to have to work up to it. That being said, I am not a size queen. 

Like I said, I had to work up to it, but when I did, I began to quiver almost immediately. After my initial run with it, I decided to do some pegging with it. So, I cleaned it thoroughly, and began to warm myself up for it. After a while, I was ready for it. I loved the suction cup feature, and the real feel silicone made it a wonderful experience.