This is How to Use Sex Toys in Your Relationship for the First Time

This post on how to use sex toys in your relationship is sponsored by the amazing Dame Products. All opinions are my own. If it didn’t bring me #freedominpleasure, you wouldn’t hear about it!

Rachel asks: how do I introduce sex toys into my relationship? My partner is concerned they’ll replace him or “ruin” me!

Do you know how many women have asked me this question over the last 8 years? Hundreds. It’s legit the most common question I get about sex toys.

Most objections are rooted in myths about female sexuality and the role that sex toys play (ha! pun unintended but perfect). So the first step to bringing toys into your sexy times is having the right info.

There’s nothing wrong with you, your beau, or your relationship if you need a sex toy to experience orgasm.

Most people with vulvas – at least 70% – need clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Unfortunately, “sex” as it’s most often talked about – as penis in vagina (PIV) intercourse – doesn’t hit your spot.

It’s probably not that you can’t cum. It’s probably not that your beau doesn’t know what to do. It’s probably not that you have deep underlying relationship issues.

It’s most likely nature, geometry, and a society that upholds male sexuality as the gold standard and anything that differs from it as problematic.

People who use sex toys are three times more likely to experience orgasm.

That’s a huge fucking difference! And it’s because toys stimulate your most sensitive areas: the clitoris’ 8000+ nerve endings, g-spot, and prostate, among others.

It’s also because the sensation stimulates your nerves, particularly those of your internal clitoris, more deeply and in new ways.