The Chill Way to Introduce Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

Behold: the ultimate guide to introducing toys into your sex life

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom may sound a bit daunting. Everyone has an ego—no one wants to make their husband or wife feel inadequate, threatened, or uncomfortable. We get it, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sex toys are pleasure enhancers, many of which are not at all scary.

Married sex does not have to mean boring sex. In fact, being with someone you love and trust only makes the possibility for sexual exploration that much more reachable. You’re not going to let some random person you met at a bar try a new sex toy on you—your husband or wife, on the other hand, is the person you feel most comfortable with.
If you’re looking to be a bit more exploratory with your sex life, sex toys are an excellent place to start. Here is the ultimate guide to introducing toys into the bedroom, so that you and your partner can take your passion to greater (even orgasmic) heights.

Make the Conversation About Both of You

First things first, you have to talk about trying sex toys. You can’t just whip out a dildo and hope for the best.
Don’t make the conversation one sided. This isn’t about your being dissatisfied with your sex life and it isn’t about your partner’s shortcomings in the bedroom. You need to approach the conversation with an open mind and empathy.
If you make the focus of your conversation on what your sex life is lacking, your partner’s automatic reaction is going to be defensive. Instead of saying, “I need this because I’m not having orgasms.” Try, “I’d really love to try this with you because I think it would be really hot if you used a vibrator on me.”
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