Tantus Goddess Review

Okay, if you’ve been reading my articles in the past you would know by now that I really love my high-quality collection. I look for body-safe materials and one brand that’s always associated with these areas is Tantus. So, I’m going to be reviewing another product I just added to the growing collection! The Tantus Goddess!

Tantus Goddess
Tantus Goddess

Okay, that’s a lot of excitement – and for good reason. In the simplest form, this toy is a dildo made from silicone. The little feature that makes it so much more is the little spot for inserting a bullet vibe that is included. Of course, if you have a favorite vibe you can probably use it instead, or use one as backup.

Personally, I love using this one to stimulate my clit, rather than inserting it in me. I have other toys that tend to do a nicer job, but it’s still a great toy. The silicone makes it very smooth to the touch, but it has a glossy finish. I tend to like matte more for holding, but the glossy finish was really smooth.

It’s firm, but squishy at the same time, which is neat. I like the 1.5-inch girth as it’s just the right size for me. I didn’t have any issue getting it in, and didn’t have to play around forever to get warmed up like I have with some larger toys.

My Wrap Up

I love that it is made form silicone, this makes it easy to clean and sanitize when I’m done. The girth, texture and overall design looks and feels great. However, there vibrations could be improved as they seemed rather lacking to me. Of course, was able to use my fav bullet vibe in place of the standard one and it worked great.