Tantus Cush 02 Review

Tantus has done it again, satisfied my needs with one of their larger dildo’s, the Cush 02. Made from their own material combo called ’02 silicon’, it has two different densities. One layer provides the squishy, super soft layer that lays over the firmer layer. It gives the toy a unique sensation when sliding in and out, particularly near the second ridge!

Tantus Cush 02

The first thing you will notice is the packaging, which as usual for Tantus products, it’s not a tacky design, but not full discreet either because the package is transparent. I tried using it for storing the toy after use, but the box didn’t last long with regular opening/closing. I just store my toys in a storage bag to keep dust off them (which it picked up in the box too).

There are three colors available to choose from: pink candy, purple twilight, or blue Ice. I like the blue myself, but the others look pretty too. Just choose whichever will fit your collection, that’s what I do.

As for the size, it’s not too large, but not too small either. Measuring in at 1.8-inches in diameter, this sucker is 8-inches in length, with over 7-inches of that being insertable! The widest part of the head measures just under 2-inches.

My Wrap Up

I think this toy looks realistic far as the head goes, but the ridges give it a non-realistic appearance to me. But, it’s still a great feeling, and that’s the point, right? Personally, due to the size I find myself needing to warm myself up first on each use, even with lube. But, for those who are more used to larger girth it probably wouldn’t be an issue.

If you want something bigger, but not too insane (like a Bad Dragon, well, anything), then the Tantus Cush 02 is worth giving a look.