Tantus Bound Review

Oh, how I adore Tantus toys! Okay, now I am getting ahead of myself here, let me start by saying I’ve used many of the Tantus product line and so far, haven’t really found any major downsides. The thing I love most about this one is the overall design and texture. Let me explain.

Tantus Bound
Tantus Bound

It’s got a lot going on, not just a few veins or a rib here and there. Nope, the Tantus Bound is designed to look and feel like you’re riding a cock molded after a large hard cock wrapped in rope, hence the name Bound.

The ‘rope’ starts at the base, wrapping several times like it’s creating a cock ring, then it spirals upwards until it reaches the head, where it wraps a couple more times and ends. Riding this feels amazing, you can actually feel it and follow where the rope goes if you’re riding or sliding it in slowly.

If you’re going at it fast, or just love hardcore pounding, you probably won’t be able to follow it as well, I can’t anyway. Buy, it still feels great!

The base is large enough I can also use it for anal without worrying about it being sucked into me and getting lost. It’s always fun when you can get multiple purposes out of a single toy.

My Wrap Up

This chocolate colored cock wrapped in rope is a fun and unique feeling, but if chocolate isn’t your fav, they also have Cream, and black. The way it’s designed I manage to hit my g-spot frequently, which as any woman knows, is going to quickly get you to climax. Oh, and being made from silicone it’s simple to wipe down or boil to fully sterilize it.