Scorn the Wyvern by Bad Dragon Review

When you want a toy that’s, different, strange or weird then Bad Dragon is where you want to turn! You will find all sorts of fantasy style toys here, from dildos and vibrators, to male masturbation toys. Today, I bring you the Scorn, which is a fantasy design of a Wyvern’s manhood.

Scorn the Wyvern by Bad Dragon
Scorn the Wyvern by Bad Dragon

It’s not your average toy at all. It looks short, but the real seller here is the overall girth of this toy (and many of their others). They come in various sizes, labeled small through XL. The XL is massive, so unless you’re used to fisting, I recommend a small or medium to start with.

Now to the look, which is where this brand really excels at. For most (maybe all) of their toys, you can easily choose from one of many preset color schemes, or you can customize your own color options. For me, I liked the look of the Golden Hoard. This was a metallic red base, a dark orange gradient into a bright orange. It resembled lava to me, which was neat.

The suction base is strong, and easily stays put when you place it on a wall. I personally use this sucker in the shower all the time and it’s great!

They offer different firmness when ordering, I got firm and medium in size. This gives me just enough flex to be comfortable, but not enough that it’s like the Wyvern went limp.

My Wrap Up

Overall, I think it’s a toy anyone into fantasy role playing or just a 100% geek would love. Personally, I’ve always liked the look of Wyverns when playing RPGs, now I get to know, or at least imagine what it would feel like for one to make me it’s pray for a day.