Write the body Cixous urges. Write the feminine, write the body. And my body aches to be written. But there ahead always lies danger. An immediate fight or flight response that paralyzes my hands, a shrill whisper, a reminder of the threat. There are material consequences for sharing your truths, of what you know and Read More

The emergence from lion to dragon. The ripping of fur revealing a musculature of scales, ready to be re-formed transformed through a serious/series of destruction(s) Through a brief encounter with the serpent of knowledge But what might be said of the tender true self which emerges? to cease the cycle of rebirth is the foremost Read More

I fled my body long ago. And getting back toward living in my body, being present with my body, and not treating my mind as an object which controls it has been very tedious, tiresome, and long. So I search through body-positive sites and articles. Which overwhelm me. I have serious control issues with the Read More

What does it mean to feel authentic in a transitory space. People come here for the purpose of leaving. And expect the town to do the transforming in between. A cartoon line up, enter, emerge different, all you have to do is stand perfectly still. I feel sad for my mountain home, I figure I’ve Read More

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