The first toy I bought with my discount was the We-Vibe 3. I told myself I would hold out until the 4 came out, but I just could not. It just seemed so promising! The power rushed to my head. 40% off! I was salivating ready to eagerly buy up anything that seemed appealing. But I Read More

I had my eye on Maia’s toys for a while. I love the bright colors and the marketing. When I battery tested the toy for a customer the way the shaft rotates really caught my eye—not an out of control whirling but a subtle circle motion made by the rounded tip which looked appropriate for Read More

I have to be honest, Kendra was my least favorite of The Girls Next Door. By a lot. So when I saw her line of toys for Evolved I was already biased against them. Sorry.  Early on in my job, a sale rep from Evolved came to the shop to show us their products and Read More

Once upon a time that has been and yet thrusts its presence into my everyday. Whiskey breathed, I proclaimed my martyrdom—they were crucifying me at the hand of a rather dramatic allegory that no one ever even bothers to remember.  He laughs an arrogant laugh, I do not try very hard to ignore how wet my Read More

“His memory tastes like rye whiskey. And skin. And spit. The kind of drink you’d mix on the hottest day of July. Dangerous, pungent, divine. Together we strike a match. Electric blue fire, set fire, to everything around us. And while the flames consumed what we used to be we remained indifferent, locked together, in Read More

Sing to me your forgotten melodies, for there is resistance in this air. Your pale streets and worn face could tell me a story but I am the stranger that came to town. Peel back the corners of your wide sprawling mouth that gave the world its fill. You rattle at night like the ghost Read More

I abuse exclamation points Place them at the end of every sentence Exploiting their potential for enthusiasm For I have fawn legs and breathe for voice And my eyes can only grow so wide And my tale so bushy With my hands trembling to trust The pulse in my voice. Read More

Write the body Cixous urges. Write the feminine, write the body. And my body aches to be written. But there ahead always lies danger. An immediate fight or flight response that paralyzes my hands, a shrill whisper, a reminder of the threat. There are material consequences for sharing your truths, of what you know and Read More

The emergence from lion to dragon. The ripping of fur revealing a musculature of scales, ready to be re-formed transformed through a serious/series of destruction(s) Through a brief encounter with the serpent of knowledge But what might be said of the tender true self which emerges? to cease the cycle of rebirth is the foremost Read More

I fled my body long ago. And getting back toward living in my body, being present with my body, and not treating my mind as an object which controls it has been very tedious, tiresome, and long. So I search through body-positive sites and articles. Which overwhelm me. I have serious control issues with the Read More

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