What is it and what’s it supposed to do?    The Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-Spotter is an attachment for the Magic Wand Original from Pleasure Works. The basic premise of the G-Spotter is that you snap it onto the end of your Magic Wand and get the powerful vibrations of the wand internally on the G-Spot or prostate. The G-Spotter Attachment is Read More

We don’t want the exhibitionist to have a gaze. How else would we keep the myth of mastery? For her to look back would be to see us, to see us standing, staring, vulnerable from the way she makes our bodies move and respond. We treat her like she is invisible to us, that she is little Read More

I have struggled with just what framework I might use to write about my experience at the Feminist Porn Conference this year. FP Con is one of the few places I go where I bring all of myselves with me. When most days feel as though no one around me sees all of the things Read More

Of course the We-Vibe Touch is great for my peep, it’s shaped just like a scoop! The Touch is made from body safe, non porous glossy silicone, which means that lint clings to it like all hell. Seriously, I can never have more than 3.5 seconds of lint free-ness. The gloss is nice, however, as Read More

A coworker put the Sensuelle Point from Novel Creations in my hand one day as soon as I arrived to work. “This just came in, what do you think?” What I was thinking when she asked me this was quite frankly: Holy Shit, MINE! Instead I said, “Woah, this is powerful.” I thought she had it Read More

Icicles No. 5 from Pipedream was the first glass piece I ever picked up. I’m talkin’ months ago, before I understood toys that didn’t vibrate. I tried it once, and found it overwhelmed my vagina. At the time, I still hadn’t quite figured out my G Spot or how to stimulate it properly. So, now Read More

I had been waiting for Daddy. I was struck by Madison Young’s writing the first time I encountered it.  Madison Young’s work as a feminist pornographer, artist, and writer had influenced my own scholarship in various ways, while resonating with me personally as well. I first saw Madison Young in Emilie Jouvet’s Too Much Pussy  when I was Read More

We all know that many (some harsher folks might say all) academic presentations can be….boring, dense, snoozy, and sometimes pretentious. But, here’s the thing, they don’t have to be. I started presenting at conferences in my undergrad, and didn’t really slow down too much since then. I love conference presentations, they allow my ideas and work Read More

The Tantus Mikey O2 is a dreamboat. It looks like a short fat dollop of cream. As sweet as it appeared, I knew when I requested Mikey that I was taking a risk.I wanted to try a girthy dildo, but I was also unsure of how it would go. What’s nice about Mikey is that I found it to be nice Read More

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