Original Body Wand Review

If you’re looking for something strong and powerful, the Original Body Wand is exactly what you need. Have you ever heard of a toy so strong it’ll numb your ass? Yeah, it’s powerful, let’s go over some of the features.


Body Wand Original Plug In
Body Wand Original Plug In


First off, it’s not your everyday vibrator. This sucker was designed for a full body, deep tissue massage at the end of a long day. Like most things, someone was curious and used it sexually and BAM, just like that it was the hottest trend to use body massagers in place of dildos and vibrators.

The head is made from vinyl so it’s smooth and firm. This is great for pressing against the clit and putting yourself into almost instant climax.


The massager itself is rather long, measuring 13 inches total, with the head measuring 2.25 inches, and the plastic stem is 0.75 inches. This allows it to easily flex where you want it to, while being able to comfortably hold it between your thighs if desired.

Body Wand Original Plug In Packaging
Body Wand Original Plug In Packaging

It can get a bit heavy over time, after all it’s a rather large toy.

The Original Body Wand is controlled using a dial, this dial spins to increase or decrease the intensity of your vibrations. It begins low, but when maxed out it will provide vibrations stronger than I am able to handle myself. I have tried, believe me, but I ended up making my clit go numb, which was an awkward feeling. It seemed to take an hour or so to get full sensation back after that, but eventually it does return to normal sensitivity.

Body Wand Original Plug In - Black
Body Wand Original Plug In – Black

Final thoughts

If you want power, the Original Body Wand is top notch and worth every penny. You might be naïve like me though by thinking you can handle it at max speeds.