Nox The Night Drake, By Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon has taken on quite the niche in the sex toy world. They focus on toys of fantasy, and they have a huge collection. Their idea is to create fantasy dildos that serve those who purchase in fulfilling their own sexual imaginations. Utilizing their talent and enthusiasm, Bad Dragon offers customization of all their products. Every toy is unique in color, craft, size, and firmness. They usually come with additional options such as suction cups or tubes that expel lubricant.

Bad Dragon Nox the Night Drake
Bad Dragon Nox the Night

These toys are amazingly aesthetic, featuring gorgeous visuals that bring life to the fantasy and allows you to keep site exploration active. The materials they use to make their toys are high-quality and they always use attention to detail when they design their innovative toys. They really are top notch in their industry of customized toys. This company excels in customization of their toys so you can craft the perfect one for you.

The main focus of this piece, however, is Nox The Night Drake. This is a toy that truly stands out, and will become an instant favorite to those who invest in it. Its features include a crested head with a silky shaft that is smooth. It has a graceful bulge with fabulous detail. The colors are customized and natural. It is a nice size with a comfortable texture that isn’t overwhelming. If you are looking for the perfect customizable toy, then Nox the Night Drake is definitely for you.  

Bad Dragon Nox the Night Drake
Bad Dragon Nox the Night Drake

Size and Material

 As stated before, this is a fully customizable toy. So, the size varies to preference of your choice. The material is a silicone blend, and it is also high-quality. Your size options range from a length of 6 inches to 13. So, if you are a size queen, this is a toy you want to invest in. The girth also varies from an inch to almost 4 inches. You have the options of small, medium, large, and OMG that’s huge! As you can imagine, the larger size can be intimidating and isn’t recommended for the faint of heart.

The silicone blend used in the Nox is used in all their toys and is high-quality. It is 100% body safe, hypoallergenic, phtalate free, with no odor or taste. They are also non-toxic. You can get different levels of firmness which all capitalize on the material used. You can find one that is flexible, luxurious, soft and squishy. Or you can get firm, harder models that still retain their flex and softness on use. It is easy to insert and thrust. You are able to feel every bump and curve when you are using it.

The Design 

The design is very unique, adorned with small details that are shockingly pleasurable. It is a lifelike replica of a mythical creature. It is designed with bumps and grooves over the shaft. Each bump and groove serve a purpose, hitting all the right spots in a way that will make you squirm. The tip is soft pointed and has a dip that imitates a urethra.

The Feel 

Now for the nitty gritty. The feel. At first, I was skeptical that it would be as amazing in feeling as it was in looks. In all honesty, I considered using it as a decorative piece alongside my figurines of dragons and drakes. However, I decided to give it a try… for science. And I am so glad I did.

The feeling that I had was of pure ecstasy. I got the medium size, which has a head diameter of 1 ¾ inches, 2-inch-thick shaft, and the length is 7 inches. I took it all like a champ and I am happy I did. This is by far one of my favorite toys in my collection. The first thing I noticed were the bumps. They stimulated the walls of my vagina in a way that I have only been able to achieve with my fingers. The slow insertion was just as pleasurable as the thrusting motion that came after. All the grooves, bumps, and details of this toy were apparent during use. I would recommend anyone looking for a new toy to try it.