I Got Up My Nerve To Bring A Sex Toy Into My Relationship, And Here’s How My Partner Reacted

After being married for 15 years, Meredith* decided it was time to change things up by bringing a vibrator into the bedroom. The scariest part was anticipating how her husband was going to react.

If getting your first sex toy is a rite of passage, it’s one that I never went through. It’s not that I wasn’t interested—I just never had the nerve to go into an adult store. At my bachelorette party, most of my friends gave me sexy lingerie. I was half-hoping there would be a gag gift of a giant dildo, but no such luck. It didn’t help that my husband, Tim*, once said that sex toys were only for women whose men didn’t know how to get them off. Over the five years we dated, and 15 years we’ve been married, buying a sex toy online only crossed my mind a few times. What always stopped me was the thought that Tim would take it as a slight against his manhood.

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Then our daughter went away to college, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Tim and I were spending a lot more time together, and there was more room in our lives for intimacy. The problem was, I was bored. We’d been having sex in the same way for what felt like forever—the same positions, the same place (our bed), and pretty much the same time once or twice a week. When I got up the nerve to talk about this with one of my girlfriends, she told me about her friend, the Rabbit.

Of course, I was familiar with this toy from “Sex and the City,” but the thought of actually buying it for myself seemed ridiculous. She told me that it had given her “the best orgasm of her life” which was intriguing,

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