How to introduce sex toys to your relationship

Want to introduce sex toys to your couple? Sexpert Katie Fox tells you how…

Although sex toys can add a maximum of pleasure to your relationship, getting your partner involved can be a bit tricky. Katie Fox, sex expert at, shares her tips on how to smoothly introduce toys to your couple.

1 Choose the right time

While there is no right time to introduce the idea of using sex toys to the bedroom, bringing it up on the first few dates is probably a bit too soon. Instead, wait until you’ve had a few sex sessions together and have built up a good level of trust and communication both inside and outside the bedroom. You can help speed up the process by giving your partner lots of praise when he hits those pleasure spots – once he is confident that he is satisfying you sexually, suggesting a sex toy to enhance both your pleasure will be much better received.

2 Ease into the conversation gently

One way to ease the subject of sex toys into the conversation is to find some articles on sex toys and their benefits, then introduce it to your man by saying: “I found this interesting article on how sex toys can be a lot of fun, what do you think about them?” Let your partner read the article – not only will this allow you to gauge your partner’s reaction, it will also allow a discussion about sex toys to flow naturally between you.

3 Reassure your man

It is important to be able to articulate why you would like to introduce a sex toy into your sex life. Focus on what you already love about your sessions and reassure your partner that you feel it will help you add more fun and reach a new level of intimacy. Make it clear a sex toy is no substitute for the emotional closeness you feel when you are sexually intimate with him.
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