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Im a. Im a. Im a. Im a Flirt Fine, I'll admit it, it's true. I've been known to flirt a bit. Sometimes I get in trouble for it. Rarely is it intentional. Lately I've been reading The Art of Seduction which has given me a lot of insight into my natural seduction / flirtation styles and how to amplify them to yield my desired effect. What's your seduction style? How do you flirt? Let's start a dialogue. _________________________________________________________________ INSTAGRAM: @hellabellatho
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_________________________________________________________________ My goal here is to continue on my journey of acceptance, understanding, and self-love while inspiring others to do the same. You are a sexual being! Let your freak flag fly! Or maybe you're the plain vanilla type. That's cool too! No matter your preference, you deserve to have your voice heard, to be understood, and to be shame free. Sex shouldn't be a taboo subject! I think the healthiest response is to tackle it head on and try to understand it (both on a personal and external level). – Have a question? Comment below!
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