How Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Relationship

How Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Relationship
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By Guest Author, Scarlett White

Loving relationships bring countless benefits; security, companionship, a partner that has your back and, if you are lucky, a true friend. Committed partnerships also enjoy a unique level of intimacy. But sometimes the heightened level of familiarity and hectic schedules can interfere with a sexual relationship. Sex can become predictable, routine or even a chore.

It’s unlikely that you could recreate the frenzied intensity of the early days of mutual sexual exploration. However that doesn’t have to mean settling for something familiar but slightly stale. From date nights  to swinging–there are plenty of ways to tackle this issue.

One of the easiest ways to ramp things up from mild to hot is to introduce sex toys into your sex life. All it takes is a playful attitude and a little imagination.

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Broaching the topic

There are lots of ways sex toys can enhance sexuality in established relationships. In fact, research shows established couples report higher levels of pleasure from adding toys to their sexual repertoire more than any other type of erotic play. This benefit is partly due to the high level of mutual trust couples experience when they play with toys. They also tend to have a more mature and secure approach to the unfamiliar and unexpected.

Are you or your partner hesitant to try sex toys? Unless you and your partner are particularly open and adventurous by nature, introducing sex toys can be a little tricky.

If you have an interest in using sex toys and your partner is unaware of your curiosity, you might feel awkward introducing your fantasies. Or you might feel shy talking about your new interest. Some men in heterosexual relationships may initially feel that sex toys are a threat. They may view toys as something their partner desires because they are not satisfied in bed.  Men can make up that using sex toys means they have a lacking in size, or talent, and they are failing  to provide their partner sexual satisfaction.

Source: Dr. Tammy Nelson