How Sex Toys Can Improve Your Relationship

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Thanks to new tech and chic brands, the days of Rampant Rabbits have long gone and sex toys are making a comeback. From sleek bullets to discreet massaging devices, there’s something for everyone – even if you’re a total beginner. We caught up with Rea Deacon, founder of luxe sex toy store Perlesque, about why and how you should introduce sex toys in your relationship…

How do you broach the subject with your other half?

Surprisingly, men can feel a little wary when it comes to using sex toys in a relationship for fear of being ‘demoted’. Start by building up his confidence: telling him about the things he does that you like in the bedroom. Men are very visual beings so perhaps describe a scenario you both always enjoy, then add in how you’d like to use a vibrator in that context. Try to make your other half feel as included as possible. Most partners love to make the other happy – once they see how intensely you can orgasm from the vibrations of a toy and they feel like they’re part of it, there’ll be no looking back.

What kinds of toys are good for first-timers?

Rings are a great place to start – they prolong an erection and will increase enjoyment for both of you. Our ringhas a detachable bullet so it’s double the fun. If that’s still a bit much, start by using a toy designed for massage – our palm massager is perfect for first-timers and can help get the mood flowing.

Any tips for using toys on him?

Lower vibrations work well on testicles during intercourse and while you’re performing oral sex. However, the higher settings are often a little too much for the sensitive areas and aren’t for everyone. Some men enjoy vibrations along the length of the penis as well – it’s just a case of seeing what works for you. Try starting with your toys on a low setting and go from there.

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