Wet For Her Review

Not really sure where the name “Five” came from, but the Five Medium by Wet For Her is an easy 5 stars from me. It’s a silicone dildo that is designed to be fun and interesting, while fitting in a harness to be used as a strap-on. It’s a multiple purpose kind of toy.

Five Medium Wet For Her
Five Medium Wet For Her


It has a simple, but cute design that isn’t realistic. It does feel good though and soft to the touch. I enjoy using it on myself, but it can also be used in a strap-on thanks to the large base. It’s also available in three different colors, but I went with purple.

The best part about the whole toy to me was that it didn’t slip out of the harness, because me and my partner tend to get a little crazy and fast. In the past, our toys have slipped out and it’s been annoying at times. Luckily, that’s not the case here.


The Five Medium measures 6.5 inches in length, with just over 5 inches being insertable. For obvious reasons, I’m assuming this is where the name came from – probably for easy stock management. Either way, it has a 1.35-inch diameter and the base measures 2.75 inches. At just over 7 oz the toy doesn’t way much either.


It’s made form medical-grade silicone. This means you can use it and feel safe knowing it’s hypoallergenic. Even without lube it’s smooth to the touch and kind of feels like touching skin.

My Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a toy with the average length for a quick session or taking on trips, then the Wet For Her Medium Five should do the trick. However, they also have a Five Small and Five Large if you prefer a different size, same design.