CTS LIVE – Intimacy Challenge Edition

This show will be all about Intimacy! How to create more intimacy in your relationship using our 7 Day Intimacy Challenge, exciting things you can try with your partner, and how to be more comfortable talking about sex toys. We'll be talking about the 7 Day Intimacy Challenge and how to play the Secret VII Game on Day 7 of the challenge. This is one of our favorite relationship games and we'll be sharing some of the tips/tricks we've discovered to make it even BETTER! We'll also be sharing our special Intimacy Toy Pack that will really heat things up in the bedroom. The toy pack includes the Womanizer Premium, Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo, and the We-Vibe Pivot. Three of our favorite, best selling toys that are designed to deliver amazing results. Not only will we show you these mind-blowing toys and tell you how they work…but we're going to share some easy ways to incorporate them into your sex life. Get ready to have some FUN! — Get everything you've seen here at: https://couplestoystore.com/ 7 Day Intimacy Challenge: www.7dayintimacychallenge.com Secret VII Game: https://bit.ly/2Wa8kDm Womanizer Premium: https://bit.ly/2COmMFi Hot Octopuss Pules III Duo: https://bit.ly/2QvBlmP We-Vibe Pivot: https://bit.ly/2NrF1ng Intimacy Toy Pack Special Offer: https://bit.ly/2YX69jv