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I wanted to read a book about the G-Spot, and the folks at Cleis Press sent me Violet Blue’s The Smart Girls Guide to the G-Spot in exchange for an honest review. This is a book that  functions well as an introductory text. Violet Blue’s no-nonsense tone makes for an engaging read that doesn’t attempt to tie Read More

What is it and what’s it supposed to do?    The Pop Tops Deluxe Silicone G-Spotter is an attachment for the Magic Wand Original from Pleasure Works. The basic premise of the G-Spotter is that you snap it onto the end of your Magic Wand and get the powerful vibrations of the wand internally on the G-Spot or prostate. The G-Spotter Attachment is Read More

Of course the We-Vibe Touch is great for my peep, it’s shaped just like a scoop! The Touch is made from body safe, non porous glossy silicone, which means that lint clings to it like all hell. Seriously, I can never have more than 3.5 seconds of lint free-ness. The gloss is nice, however, as Read More

A coworker put the Sensuelle Point from Novel Creations in my hand one day as soon as I arrived to work. “This just came in, what do you think?” What I was thinking when she asked me this was quite frankly: Holy Shit, MINE! Instead I said, “Woah, this is powerful.” I thought she had it Read More

Icicles No. 5 from Pipedream was the first glass piece I ever picked up. I’m talkin’ months ago, before I understood toys that didn’t vibrate. I tried it once, and found it overwhelmed my vagina. At the time, I still hadn’t quite figured out my G Spot or how to stimulate it properly. So, now Read More

I had been waiting for Daddy. I was struck by Madison Young’s writing the first time I encountered it.  Madison Young’s work as a feminist pornographer, artist, and writer had influenced my own scholarship in various ways, while resonating with me personally as well. I first saw Madison Young in Emilie Jouvet’s Too Much Pussy  when I was Read More

The Tantus Mikey O2 is a dreamboat. It looks like a short fat dollop of cream. As sweet as it appeared, I knew when I requested Mikey that I was taking a risk.I wanted to try a girthy dildo, but I was also unsure of how it would go. What’s nice about Mikey is that I found it to be nice Read More

I knew this day would come. I had read about this day on I don’t even know how many blogs. I’m talking, of course, about the day I would be spoiled by dual density silicone. Wrangling the Flurry O2 from its package, I knew from the moment I squeezed its squishy firmness in my hand, that this was Read More

The Lelo Mia 2 damn near broke my heart. I tried to prepare myself, tried to steady my anxieties when I found out that the tapered end is not the end meant to be used. I slowly chanted this information (that the tapered end covers the USB port and was not an answer to my prayers for Read More

Well, that, and I have a thing for rooting for the little guy. The Splish from Tantus is a wee bitty thing at 4.5 insertable inches and a max diameter of 1″.. What’s the Splish and what’s it supposed to do? The Tantus Splish is a body-safe, 100% silicone non-vibrating dildo. It is safe for both anal and vaginal use. Here’s Read More

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