Welcome to my little nook where I post my own thoughts and opinions on the various toys and also share great content I’ve found on youtube (shout out to In Bed with Bella, I love her content) and around the web.

I’ve had the pleasure (pun intended) of trying out. At this point, I have a pretty nice collection of toys, and I plan to keep it expanding.

Not only do I enjoy trying them out, I like to take photos of them, and of course assisting people in deciding what direction they want to go in the large world of sex toys. After all, it’s a massive industry and there’s no shortage to the types of toys, shapes, designs, materials, and so on. It can be daunting to start out.

I got the idea for sharing my experience with others after visiting a local sex shop and hearing a person talking to someone on their phone saying they were not sure what they were looking for. More than just that, the store associate didn’t seem to be very hands on with their customers, so after a few minutes I decided to make my way to the next isle.

I casually said I noticed the clerk appeared busy (yeah, being lazy) and asked if she needed help finding something. Turns out, she was a first-time buyer and her friend talked her into stopping in to look around. After that day I decided, why not help others out before they find themselves in an awkward situation where their clueless in a sex shop.

I test out all types of toys, I like it all, from external to internal vibrations. Anal is a major turn on too, so there’s really no toy I probably wouldn’t be willing to try and write a review on if given the chance. With that said, get over there and start checking out my reviews!