30 Sex Toys That Are More Fun With A Partner

Sex toys have come a long way since the days of Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville’s “electro-mechanical vibrator” hit the scene in 1883. You’ve got sleeves, dildospropsplugs, things that go in places, things that go on places, and things that go just about anywhere. Just like sex, there are many types of toys and even more ways to enjoy them.
There are probably more sex toys out there than you could use in a lifetime, and each of them more versatile than you can imagine (but, go ahead and try). Some solo sex toys can even translate into a great shared experience for you and your partner, but some are madewith both of you in mind.
After gathering data, we curated a list of accessories, tools, and toys, guaranteed to rock both your socks off. Here, you’ll find the best treats you can use with a partner (or even just to amp up your solo playtime).
Adults need toys too. Have a little grown-up fun.
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For anyone who’s been thinking about bondage, but is just too confused to take the plunge. This fun little set turns your first-time bondage experience into a game, complete with a set of 52 cards with instructions (like, “Blindfold your lover, then get them to pleasure you using a method of your choosing”) — so you’ll never run out of ideas.
Lovehoney Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game (4 Piece),$19.98, available at Lovehoney.
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Lovehoney Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring, $14.99, available at Lovehoney.
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