Month: April 2019

First of all, porn can be great source of information on sexuality and can offer practical advice on any act or aesthetic that piques your Interest. Watching it can be excellent way to explore certain practices before trying them out. Porn can inspire us, inform us, shock us, disgust us, and turn us on. Sometimes all at once. Many Read More

What is it? What’s it supposed to do? The Wet for Her Five is a dildo that comes in three different sizes. I chose the Medium, because I think I may have internalized the story of The Three Bears. Wet for Her is a US based company (though it was started in France) that is aimed Read More

The characters in The Delicious Torment hit my smutty sweet spot. By that, I mean it’s like I know them, but they are also me. From the first line: I believe you can fall in love six times before breakfast—that is, if you’re looking. If you have an aura of willingness, of curiosity, then others will come Read More

The Wild Search and I have kind of an epic relationship. Though it’s filed under Peep’s Picks, The Wild Search was picked for me. You see that’s what people who study and teach porn do when they visit each other. With tummies full of delicious Southern barbeque and tequila, we watch ethical feminist award winning porn and yell things like Read More