Quickie Review: Tantus Uncut

Let’s talk about peen diversity.


It’s one reason to love Tantus’ new Uncut realistic dildo. And there are many.

The Tantus Uncut was created in the likeness of an uncircumsized penis. You know, if the hood didn’t get pushed back when said penis became erect. Listen, I don’t ask questions, all I know is I looked at that intact foreskin and selfishly thought about one thing: my g-spot.

Made of Tantus’ dual density silicone, the Uncut has a firm inner core and squisher outer layer. But it’s not their signature O2. The silicone of the Uncut feels less plush and a bit slicker. It is more like the silicone of the Bound (only without the ridiculous amounts of texture that made my vag wince). I can only really think to describe it as more vinyl-like, which doesn’t quite do it justice. It has significantly less drag than the original O2 silicone, but if I had to chose between the two I would pick the O2 of the Cush, Flurry, etc every time.

It just doesn’t feel as…luxurious? The matte finish of the O2 of the Adam or Cush grips my g-spot while the Uncut is easier to thrust with. Both are great, but my love of the original O2 can rarely be matched.

Like anything Tantus will ever produce, it’s safe to put in your body.

The Uncut is made of 100% nonporous silicone and can easily be sterilized for partner play. Boil it like you’re making a quick dildo soup (3-5 minutes), pop it in the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap), or use a 10% bleach solution and voila! Sterilized dildo.

The Uncut comes in two sizes. Mine is the first. Size One is about an inch longer. A longer length can make for a great handle if you have accessibility issues or want a more controlled grip. Size Two is the same shape, just shorter and a fraction thinner in width. Cranky cervix and want to thrust with abandon? Go with the shorter size.

While I like the added length for gripping, I do wish I had gone with the shorter one. I tend to forget how much of a toy I have inside of me even though I’m holding on to a part of it. I think I could really get down to business with a shorter model.


The Uncut is a sneaky one. While I expected this toy to feel good, I didn’t expect to really notice any immediate sensation. It’s too skinny, I projected, it will feel good to thrust, but in terms of feeling filling or palpable while not thrusting  And yet…

A foreskin isn’t a whopping addition to a toy, but somehow on the Uncut it feels like it is.  It’s much less subtle than one’s orifices might imagine. Combined with an ever so slight curve, the Uncut’s head provides some great g-spot stimulation. And it’s not run of the mill, this feels nice stimulation either. It’s wide, harness-compatible base means it can be used anally for prostate play as well.

I can use the Uncut without warm-up and can finish with it without want of another toy. It’s easy to use, it’s pliable (it’s not rigid, it does have a springy bend to it), and it doesn’t get trapped behind my pubic bone if I’d like to squirt (which is now a thing I have to think about).

The Takeaway

The Uncuts are a delightful addition to Tantus’ family of body-safe, quality sex toys. In terms of pleasure, I have a great time with the Uncut. You can add one to your collection here.


Special thanks to Tantus for sending me the Uncut #1 in exchange for my unbiased review. Affiliate links are used throughout.

Tantus happens to making a vibrator (WHAT A WORLD!), you can support their campaign here.




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