Give the Gift of Dildos: Black Friday-Cyber Monday Deals



11/25-11/30 TIERED SAVINGS 10% off $75 orders, 15% off $100 orders, 20% off $125 orders


Free Shipping on Orders over $75

SheVibe’s prices are some of the best in the business. And with their original artwork, awesome customer service, and selection of many hard to find items, ya gotta love SheVibe.

Check out:

Their selection of VixSkin. The Mustang is great for first-timers (my review). Buck is a luscious, chunkier option (my review). And the Randy is one of my favorite HUGE toys.

Perhaps you’re looking for one of the most beloved clitoral vibes ever, scoop up a Tango.

The Alex Noise remains one of my favorite toys. You can snag it in the light-blue Jackson Pollock coloring.

Or, if you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve been eyeing one of those hand-crafted pieces from Fucking Sculptures.

Shop SheVibe.



Free Gift with Purchase from the New Desire Line

2 for $50 DILDOS

Lots of Bundles to Chose From

Free Shipping on Orders over $40Take our SeXmas Survey and win toys worth $222


Why Lovehoney? Easy– their 365 return policy. Lovehoney is ideal if you’re thinking about throwing down some serious cash for those expensive items on your list. Listen, I worry about my readers. Every time I recommend a sex toy that costs over a hundred dollars, I lose sleep. Should I? Probably not. There’s a reason some sex toys are expensive: the materials, the technology, etc. Still, I’m a broke post-advanced degree blogger who has to hustle their ass off to eat. SO knowing that you can return the toy if it simply doesn’t work for you or the person you’re giving the toy to, helps me sleep at night.

Lovehoney has excellent customer service with a live-chat option and an big selection. While they do sell porous toys, I think they’re a great contender.

Like I said, I think Lovehoney is ideal for those big purchases that you might worry may or may not work. But they also have some great deals you can see here.

Shop Lovehoney



Deals: Grab Bags (basically you can’t chose the color but they usually turn out even cooler than the traditional opitions) are BUY 2 GET 1 Free

11/27-29: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (includes CLOSEOUTS, excludes lube, non-Tantus products)

Free Shipping on US orders of $100+

Free International Shipping on orders of $200+

I’m pretty sure I bleed orange at this point. I’ve sold Tantus on the floor and online for a quite a while at this point. As a result, I own almost everything they’ve ever made. What’s so great about them? They think about their customers. You might be thinking, “Well, don’t all sex-toy manufacteurs do that?” I hate to be the one to say this, but no. A giant, resounding, booming no. Tantus cares. Tantus listens to us. Their approach to creating sex toys was revolutionary. Everything they make is body-safe, 100% medical grade silicone.

What to check out:

The Adam— I don’t have a review of this toy out, but the Adam is an excellent, basic no-frills G-Spot/Prostate dildo made of their cushy, plush O2.


Basically the entire O2 line: Flurry is a slender beginner option (my review), Cush is a chunky delight of awesome (my review), the Uncut celebrates peen diversity with a side of delicious g-spot/prostate stimulation (my review), and I don’t know how I lived before the Pack-n-Play.

Butt Stuff: Tantus makes a lot of great plugs and other treats for your butt. New to butt stuff? Don’t miss their Perfect Plug Kit (my review). The Neo or Juice are great intermediate plugs, and the Ryder is perfect for the size queen on your list.

Something Funky and Textured: Shopping for someone who already has a substantial dildo collection already? Check out the Splish – tons of interesting texture and a small size for beginners. Even though it’s often overlooked, the Purr is a bit more gentle, but still stimulating and easy to manage. The Bound is an option for kink enthusiasts on your list, but beware it’s not for the faint of orifice.

Shop Tantus

Good Vibrations

11/27-11/29: 25% Store Wide

Cyber Week: 11/30-12/2 (Monday-Wednesday) Tier Saving 10% $85 orders, 15% off $100 orders, and 30% off $150

Good Vibrations is an institution. The seasoned sex-toy store that was and is a leader in women’s sexual health and pleasure includes lots of great options for folks of all genders. Good Vibes has been trusted for over thirty years. Not only do they have an excellent selection, they have tons of guides to help you find exactly what you want.

What to Check Out:

The Lust 2.5 is a small, discreet, and powerful vibrator that I simply love (my review). My beloved Comet Wand now comes in a vibrating option if you’re looking to experiment with g-spot stimulation. Speaking of updates, don’t miss the Magic Wand Rechargeable now with a long lasting battery, improved buttons, and nonporous silicone head.

Been eyeing those Stronics? Save 30% with the Cyber Monday deal.

Samsies with LELO Ina Wave.

Or you could use those discounts to get yourself some stainless steel goodness from njoy: The Pure Wand, Eleven, and Pure Plugs

Shop Good Vibrations


Be sure to stayed tuned for more updates/additions!

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