10 Ways Sex Toys Can Help Increase Relationship Intimacy

Using Sex Toys To Increase Relationship Intimacy

When you’re in a relationship, it can be easy to slip into set daily routines which might not include quite as much spontaneity, frivolity and affection with your partner as when you were in that first flush of love. Life has a habit of coming up with all kinds of hurdles to a care-free, explorative love-life; family responsibilities, a stressful job or worrying over health and financial pressures can make the warm bond of relationship intimacy feel like a long-forgotten dream.

how sex toys can help improve Relationship Intimacy
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Does this sound familiar to you? What can realistically be done to solve this problem? I’ll start by saying I can’t promise a quick fix or cure-all for relationship intimacy problems, but what I can do is suggest ways to re-inject the fun into your life together as a couple – and in particular, your sex life. When the big bad worries I mentioned earlier cause horrid life stress, it’s difficult to view improving your sex life as a priority. However, keeping the spark alive in the bedroom will help you stay feeling close as a couple, and there are many other physical, mental and emotional benefits too.

Although my fellow sex educators and I are doing our best to spread the good sex toys word, there are still those who would see the inclusion of sex toys in a sex life with a partner as unnecessary. I’ve heard of people viewing sex toys as something of a replacement to sex or even an admission of defeat in terms of satisfying your partner. This is certainly not the case. I’ve said many times before that “sex toys are the seasoning to a good sex life, not a replacement” and I stand by that statement. Although sex toys and bedroom products can’t hope to fix deep-rooted and serious relationship issues, using these tools in your sex life together can lead to a shared exciting and enjoyable adventure.

Let’s look at just 10 ways in which sex toys can help increase relationship intimacy.

Source: Cara Sutra