10 Sex Toy Benefits You Sorta Kinda Need To Know About

For anyone feeling even slightly uncomfortable after reading this article’s headline, let’s get a few things straight about the sex toy and its benefits right from the get-go: they have been around for thousands of years in numerous shapes, sizes, and types. Not only that, but it’s been reported that at least  1 in every 3 U.S. women owns a vibrator.  Crazy, right? But hold on, there are actually more reasons than just those little tidbits as to why a sex toy can and will improve your sex life—and perhaps life in general—if you decide to give one a shot. In fact, we have 10 rock hard reasons as to why you may likely benefit from one of these devices–and some of them will probably surprise you!  Read on…

Sex Toy Benefits For Women

  1. They’re Great For Couples: This is an overarching theme, but can be summed up relatively easily. Guys, don’t worry if the toy is bigger than what you can offer. And couples, be sure you talk about using one beforehand, otherwise it can get awkward. However, with the right discussion, the two of you are sure to be happy with whatever you end up with.
  2. Help Break Up Your Routine: Let’s face it — being in a relationship could lead to monotony in many portions of your life together, including sex. This is where a new sex toy can be used to mix things up and turn your routine on its head.
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    Find out what you may be missing out on, below…

  3. Inspire Your Own Sexual Confidence: Using a toy to get more familiar with your sexuality will ultimately take care of one very important thing—finding your confidence in the bedroom. When you know what you want, you’ll feel better about finding that pleasure with whoever you’re with and knowing that you know how to get it.
  4. They Help Create The Mood: This one’s related to the whole “routine” problem. For some couples, creating the mood can be a problem for numerous reasons we don’t need to get into. However,

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